March 6


100 Ways to Benefit from Change!

By Sue Ingebretson

March 6, 2012

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I have an announcement to make! We all know that “Times They Are a Changin’’’ but the real question is – how can change benefit you? I’m here to give you 100 reasons to look forward to change! (More on that in a bit.)

I’m wondering, have you noticed that your bright and shiny plans for this new year may have grown a bit dim? How did you do on your health goals for last year? How would you answer these questions?

— Is your life on track as planned?

— Are you achieving your health goals?

— Are you healthier today than you were last year at this time?

— Are you achieving your nutritional and fitness goals? What about stress relief?

— Are you achieving your goals at work and/or within your community?

— Do you feel calm and balanced most days?

— Are you changing with the times, or are you feeling left in the dust?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these, you’re not alone! Trying to find solutions by yourself is confusing and can leave you feeling frustrated and defeated.

Maybe it’s time for a change?

Here’s better news. There IS a way to move forward and to even embrace positive changes. You can identify and reach your goals faster, with less effort, and in a fun and supportive way by working with me on a personal and exclusive level.

You probably already know me as an author and speaker, but might not be as familiar with what I do as a Health Coach/Counselor. Yes, I’m still writing up a storm and have some new and exciting book projects which I’ll share in the months to come. I also continue to provide my community with workshops and seminars because I absolutely love the hands-on experience of working with groups.

But working with clients one-on-one? Now, that’s something I can really sink my teeth into! I’m passionate about helping others achieve their goals, and there’s no better way than with personalized health coaching. That’s where I can wrap everything I know into one fun and effective package. For my clients, I bring my personal life experience, nutritional education as well as self-education, and the proven life-changing skills that truly facilitate change. I’ve forged the course of change for myself and for many others.

In a nutshell … I lived it – YOU benefit!

 Here’s some of what you can experience when working with me:

Imagine having a personal guide to listen to your specific concerns

Imagine having a personal guide to assist you in identifying and achieving your goals

Imagine having a personal guide who can create a tailor-made program just for you

Imagine having the time and flexibility to find what does and what doesn’t work

Imagine feeling supported, guided, encouraged, and validated on a consistent basis

Would you like to stop imagining and make this a reality? Are you ready for change and the potential of a transformational experience? To find out more, connect with me HERE to set up your FREE consultation to see if working with me is a good fit for you. Also, please fill out the applicable health form HERE, and I look forward to connecting with you!

Oh, and did you want to hear about the 100 ways you can benefit from change? Because this is officially my 100th Blog Post (Really? Has it been that long?), I want to honor YOU – my readers. I’m offering $100 off of my full Health Transformation package. This offer is valid for the first five people to sign up with me before March 31st – so don’t wait. Contact me HERE.

I can’t wait for you to experience that change can be a very good thing. Your personal health transformation awaits!

  1. Sue, I love doing one-on-one training as well. My clients get customized support for their marketing needs, and I enjoy introducing them to things they hadn’t thought of before! And it’s sad when it ends, but they have the tools and knowledge they need to go the rest of the way!

    1. Great info, Gerry! It is a wonderful feeling to see others grow, change, and blossom!

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