April 14


20 Reasons Why You May Be a Quarantine Superhero

By Sue Ingebretson

April 14, 2020

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For those with fibromyalgia, quarantine might not be a novel idea. But the novel COVID-19 virus adds a new layer to our familiar shelter-in-place and stressful lifestyle. Here’s a lighter-side version of how your chronic illness might have you better adapted for this lifestyle than the rest of the world. Take a look. Do these 20 reasons apply to you?

Have you ever thought of your chronic illness as putting you ahead of the curve?

Fibromyalgia and Quarantine

Staying at home is nothing new.

For many in this community, it’s a necessity due to physical limitations. And, for others (like me) it’s more of a choice. I’ve learned to be very selective of where, when, and why I exert my finite resources of energy.

Did you know that we have a unique position when it comes to the COVID-19 virus? Originally, we were less susceptible to contracting the virus due to our limited social connections. Unfortunately, we may also be more susceptible to complications of the virus should we contract it due to comorbid factors.

No matter how or why we stay at home, we’ve learned a lot from our health challenges. We’ve been schooled in ways to compromise. We’ve had to discover how to make things work that we didn’t choose.  

Those with chronic illness

 have learned to make due;

we’ve learned to adapt.

Have you ever thought about the advantages this has to offer?

Adaptation Skills Benefit You in Surprising Ways

Fibromyalgia = Mad Skills

Who’d have thunk?

Times are weird, I know. You may not have left the house much before, but in 2020, it’s a different story. Now, no one else is leaving theirs either.

In many ways, it’s like the rest of the world

has stepped into ours.

This got me to thinking this morning as I was writing my blog. I began thinking of ways that the collective “we” (the chronic illness community) have already been aware and prepared for what’s going on. In many ways, the rest of the world is now catching up with us.

Here are some potentially humorous (but true) reasons why the challenges of fibromyalgia and chronic illness have made us well-adapted for a period of quarantine.

Do at least some of these ring true for you?

20 Reasons Why You May Be a (Fibromyalgia & Chronic Illness) Quarantine Superhero

  1. Your bumper sticker could say – #ShelterInPlace – Doing it since ‘XX (insert year).
  2. You’re more than familiar with the unfamiliar and the uncertain.
  3. You’re used to shopping at odd hours and in spurts.
  4. You’re a pro at strategically rationing supplies on hand (applies to clean laundry too).
  5. You already knew how to use Skype, Zoom, etc. to maximize home time.
  6. You execute your errands outside of the house like a WWI soldier leaving the safety of a foxhole.
  7. Delayed hairdresser or nail appointments and lack of makeup are the least of your worries. They don’t phase you a bit.
  8. What the rest of the world calls binge-watching, you might just refer to as recovering from a flare on a Wednesday.
  9. You already avoid crowds.
  10. You already have a well-stocked inventory of versatile clothing that transitions from day-wear to night-wear (that means, pjs).
  11. For ages, you’ve wished that everyone outside your home would wear a mask.
  12. You already had a familiar rotation of easy-to-throw together meal recipes.
  13. You were already a fan of meal prep for those “good energy days.”
  14. Because your AM/PM circadian rhythms are already mixed up, you have methods in place to track the time and days of the week.
  15. You already do tele-medicine, online pharmacy refills, online banking, curbside and online grocery services/takeout, Amazon for whatever’s left, and drive-through-everything that’s possible. You have a very definite idea of what “essential businesses” are.
  16. You already knew that a bathrobe (aka dressing gown) is the most efficient garment ever – all the warmth of a blanket plus big pockets to always have your phone, pen, pad of paper, glasses, thermometer, throat lozenges, etc. handy.
  17. You already make your immune system a priority (avoid sugar, eat real foods, boost levels of vitamins C & D where possible).
  18. You know how to pace yourself when it comes to time, energy, finances, and spending time with others.
  19. You’ve always got an extra stash of toilet paper.
  20. And last but not least, you’re the Queen (or King) of Social Distancing!

Yes, you’ve got mad skills. You can probably “do quarantine” standing on your head.

But of course, no, you don’t want to.

We all pray there’s an end for the need to quarantine. We’re squinting in unison to see that light at the end of the tunnel. We continue to be grateful for health care workers, grocery store employees, and everyone who is trying their best to keep their heads above water in these hard times.

We’ve got much to think about. How’ll your world change-post quarantine? Will it change?

Hop onto the comments below to add your voice to this discussion. And, by all means, if you have more Ways that You Might Be a Quarantine Superhero, add yours to the list. (I had to quit writing them so I could get this blog post done. There are so many more to share.)

You are a Quarantine Superhero!


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  1. 🤣😂🤣 Thanks Sue! So true! We have been in quarantine boot camp for years. I rarely leave the house but now that they say we can’t or shouldn’t I find myself pacing like a caged animal. I just want to go to the store for groceries. Oh well. Thank goodness for online options. Hope you and yours are safe and well. I am going to switch to my daytime jammies now.

  2. Hi, Sue!

    The Universe inspired you today!

    I relate specifically to #2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, and 19!

    Unleashing our super powers of self-love, mindfulness, and gratitude is a blessing.

    Thank you for putting many smiles on my face!

    1. Thanks Anne – I’ve been in the dumps a little bit lately, so yes, I did feel a little lift as I wrote it. And, I’m so glad you found it relatable. We’re in this together!

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