January 14


2020 What Results

By Sue Ingebretson

January 14, 2020

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If you could wave a magic wand, what results would you like for 2020? What would you like to change about your life? Do you deal with fibromyalgia, chronic illness, pain, or stress? It’s time to take the action steps that deliver results!

But first:

Whaddaya want?

What Results Resonate for 2020?

Put some thought into what you’d like to change.

Would you like a healthier body? In what way would you like it to change? What about a healthier relationship with your body? And, while we’re at it, would you like to have a healthier relationship with others? Or, maybe it’s your struggle with negative thinking patterns, lack of a consistent fitness routine, food/nutrition issues, or struggles in any other area of life.

Deciding WHAT – is up to you.

The path (or the HOW) is on me.

Join me now for my 2020 Results New Year New You program!

This program will outline and walk you through the necessary steps to create lasting and dynamic change in your life.

Here are a few deets about this short and easily doable plan:

  • This course will consist of 3 (recorded) Zoom calls with the potential for a 4th call depending on the number of questions we have as a group.
  • Begins Tuesday, January 28, 2020. (The following two calls will be February 4th and 11th. Time yet to be determined.)
  • We’ll go over how to select a topic of focus for this course as well as all of the necessary worksheets and handouts.
  • Set your goals, follow the steps, ask questions, and receive the answers on our subsequent calls.
  • Reveals the critical SIX STEPS of LASTING CHANGE
  • The real beauty? When you’re finished, you’ll not only have the results you achieved on your selected topic — you’ll have the outline and the path to follow to make any other change(s) you choose for the rest of the year (or longer)

The window of time to sign up is growing short. Hurry – limited seating and this course is filling up quickly. The early bird price of only $97 is available for just a few more days. The investment cost reverts to the normal price of $147 at 5:00 pm Pacific time, 11/17/20.

If you’d like to know a bit more about this program including information on the Lies We Tell Ourselves About Healing – click HERE.

And, of course, if you have any questions about this or any other course I offer, email me at my site – RebuildingWellness.com or simply hit reply to any of my emails.

I look forward to seeing YOU and YOUR results in this exciting and fun course that’s just around the corner.

The 2020 Results – New Year New YOU Course Summary

This simple 3-week, results-based program shows you HOW to create lasting results in your life. This course offers step-by-step guidance, small group size, and is designed for fun & efficiency along the way. Weekly Q&A support is offered and the skills gained can provide you with the opportunity to create lasting change for yourself in the months, years, and decades ahead. Join me now to secure your spot. Price goes up 11/17/20.

2020 Results New Year New You Course

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