November 26


Do You Know the 5 Steps to Recovery?

By Sue Ingebretson

November 26, 2013

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5-Steps-to-Recovery“The clock is ticking….”

That’s what a client said to me once. She had fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, heart palpitations, insomnia, and skin rashes among a dozen or more other chronic illness symptoms.

Her greatest fear?

She wondered what strange and frightening symptom would happen next!

It breaks my heart to see people in crisis. I want to take them home with me to live so I can teach them everything I know. Most of all, I wish that they’d come to me sooner.

But there’s NEVER a bad time to start the healing process.

Healing from chronic illness – as my sister once said – is like trying to turn the Titanic around in a stream.

Yep, it’s a toughie.

But if turning around is necessary to get where you want to go, chugging along full steam ahead in the wrong direction is never the solution.

Seeing people change, heal, feel at peace in their bodies, and put their chronic illness conditions on the back burner is my greatest delight. Over the past seven years or so, I’ve seen this happen time and again. And, I’ve made an amazing discovery along the way. Each client follows the same pattern toward wellness. They take the same steps as I’ve outlined below.

Rebuilding WellnessHere are the 5 Steps to Recovery that clients take on their journey from chronic illness to chronic wellness:

1) They decide that what they’re doing isn’t working and they want CHANGE
2) They educate themselves on what changes to make
3) They reach out for guidance on how to implement those changes
4) They enlist the support of others to keep them on their path
5) They apply the plan they’ve created and keep moving forward

I hope you notice one thing. This plan begins with action and just keeps on building steam. Once the decision is made, then each step thereafter is simply putting one foot in front of the other — step after step.

The bottom line? DO SOMETHING!

Do you want life to be different? If so, decide that you’re ready and willing for change. Dream of a life that’s different from the one you’re experiencing now. Put the steps into action to make that dream become a reality.

Not sure where to start?

If you’ve already decided that Step #1 is behind you, and you’re ready for help with Steps #2 and #3, then I’m excited to share that I’ve created a program just for you.

The Stop Feeding Yourself PAIN program is being offered to this Rebuilding Wellness Community for a very short time and there are limited spots available. I expect the program to be full very soon.

To help you on your nutritional journey to better health, here’s just a few of the benefits you can experience when you sign up:

• Better digestion
• Less bloating (that means a flatter tummy!)
• Reduced joint pain
• Fewer headaches
• Clearer skin
• Reduced pain
• More energy
• Stronger immune system (fewer colds/flu, etc.)
• Reduced cravings for unhealthier foods
• Strengthened metabolism
• Improved cognitive function

As mentioned, this program is available for a VERY short time, and when the course is full, it will be closed.

So, to help you decide to jump in quickly, I have a special FREE BONUS Black Friday Sale offer. When you sign up for either the Introductory or Premium Stop Feeding Yourself PAIN Program, I’ll also gift you with my downloadable Stop Feeding Yourself PAIN Recipe Tips and Ideas Book. Grab your program quickly BEFORE MIDNIGHT Pacific time, Saturday, November 30th.

**NOTE: If you’re one of the first 30 to join this program, AND if you’ve purchased before midnight on the 30th of November, the FREE BONUS is yours.**

This great recipe tips book is full of ideas, ingredients, and preparation suggestions that are a perfect complement to the Stop Feeding Yourself PAIN program. Each recipe idea contains ingredients to help you to complete your essential nutrient requirements. With over 30 recipe ideas to choose from, this powerful little gem will be sure to get your creative juices flowing.

So … what’s it gonna be?

It’s not unusual for families to grab fast food at least once a week. For less than what it would cost for a few weeks of pizza and drinks, you can purchase a program that will help you learn how to feed your family quality foods for the rest of your lives.

Or, maybe you drive through Starbucks twice a week and regularly drop $10-15 for a drink and a snack? Is it worth skipping this habit for a short time to invest in learning healthier ones?

Here’s what to do.

First, if you haven’t already, grab your FREE Stop Feeding Yourself PAIN Guide HERE.

Next, get more information on the Stop Feeding Yourself PAIN program page HERE including course topics, bonus details and pricing.

Remember that the clock is ticking! Be sure to order BEFORE MIDNIGHT Pacific time, Saturday, November 30th! And, I can’t wait to join you on your own path toward wellness.

Got questions? Feel free to contact me here.


Sue Ingebretson

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