August 2


5 Easy Ways to Boost Brain & Body Health

By Sue Ingebretson

August 2, 2022

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Want 5 Ways to Boost Brain and Body Health that are easy and simple to do? Then you’re in the right place. Want more than 5 ways? You’re still in the right place. Want a roadmap to get started today? Here’s the X that marks the spot. And, by the time you’ve skimmed this simple article, you’ll be well on your way.


Getting healthy can be a challenge. But the fundamentals can be rather simple.


5 Easy Ways to BOOST Brain & Body Health


As I sat down and thought about the 5 things that can really get the ball rolling toward a healthier life, I said, “That’s easy.” Here they are:


  • Drink more water (or an adequate amount for you if you don’t already) 
  • Take deep breaths daily (prayer/meditation can help with this)
  • Move your body every day in some healthy way
  • Feed your soul (connect with nature and your higher power on a regular basis)
  • Feed your body (nourish yourself with the macronutrients your body needs – nutrient-dense, fiber-rich veggies, high-quality proteins, and healthy fats. 


So, are we done? Not even close.


What Other Ways Are There to Get Healthy?


If you’ve read my books or any of the hundreds of articles I’ve written, you know that I’m all about providing resources. Whittling down “getting healthy” tactics to just 5 is difficult. I considered dozens, so here are a few others – also important – to consider:


    • Smile more
    • Laugh more
    • Get better sleep
    • Improve your posture
    • Connect/socialize with others
    • Become part of a community
    • Give of yourself (time, talents, resources, etc.) to others
    • Limit/eliminate the consumption of foods or drinks that are inflammatory (added sugar, processed, chemical additives, etc.)
    • Limit/eliminate the consumption of mainstream news media (news, talk radio, social networks, social media, etc.)
    • Protect your personal and emotional boundaries
    • Improve your relationships
    • Choose hobbies/activities that delight you
    • Engage in activities that fuel your sense of purpose
    • Enlist the guidance of a coach or mentor who has achieved some level of success in the areas that currently elude you
    • Practice stress management techniques on a regular basis (tapping, moving meditations, walking, dancing, etc.)
    • Practice activities known to benefit and condition the vagus nerve (havening, tapping, humming, singing, laughing, gargling, etc.)

Overwhelmed Yet?


Sometimes, more doesn’t mean better. More can lead to confusion and overwhelm. What does an overwhelmed mind do? Typically, nothing. An overwhelmed mind had difficulty with decision-making, starting new things, and/or sticking with new things. 


So rather than think of the litany of things you can do to get healthier, make it simple. Take a look at the two lists above. Note the ones that are not a part of your daily routine. Would you like them to be?


Here’s how to make it so.

Start HERE


Review the lists again. Focus on the ones that you’ve noted are absent in your day-to-day activities. Just glance at them and circle or notate the ones that you feel are most important. Don’t judge yourself for selecting the ones that you think you should do. Let your heart make the selections.


Just pick a few – a handful.


From there, ask yourself, “What’s one step I can take toward implementing this activity today?” Just one step.


Keep Going


Now that you have a few steps mapped out, follow your intuition. Keep going. If you feel stuck, enlist a guide to help keep you on track. We’re not meant to go it alone.


DECIDE that the time is now. Uncomplicate things.


Your own health recovery story is waiting to be written.


To dig deeper into your own health challenges, let me hear from you. What do you struggle with the most?


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