My passion to help others navigate their own health challenges stems
from my own fibromyalgia recovery journey.

It took years for me to get a diagnosis … and I had to do it on my own.
Learning to become my own advocate, I finally discovered what was
wrong. Of course, my symptoms were devastating. I felt like an 80-year-
old trapped in the body of someone who wasn’t yet 40. Difficulty walking,
extreme muscle pain and fatigue, and blurry vision were just some of my
symptoms. My digestion was a disaster and I believed there were no foods
that “worked” for me. Struggle was my daily existence.

As an advocate newbie, I began to ask questions. What makes me feel
better? What makes me feel worse?

What would a symptom-free life look like?

The steps I took on the road to recovery turned everything around. Today, I am nearly pain-free. Health challenges no longer limit what I do. Twenty years ago, when fibromyalgia had me in its grip, I couldn’t imagine breaking free. I chose to take an active role in the healing process and small steps lead to big results.

Now, it’s my mission to help others do the same.

After going through my own, life-changing journey, I couldn’t stand by and watch other struggle with fibromyalgia,
autoimmune challenges, and chronic illness. For more than 15 years, I have guided others to navigate their own healing path. As a partner in the recovery process, I lead with a supportive and light-hearted approach. My step-by-step strategies lead the way to achieving personalized health goals (and more).

With a healthier body, you can enjoy hobbies that were once a thing of the past. Career, relationship, and social activity options become a focus when overwhelming symptoms are no longer running the show. Daily, I’m grateful to experience the rewards of taking clients through this step-by-step system.

Working with Clients

I’m fortunate to wear many hats which enables me to reach people in different ways. Here are just some of the experiences and trainings that make me unique.

  • Bestselling Author
  • Certified nutritional therapist
  • Master NLP practitioner
  •  Speaker/workshop leader
  • Certified Clinical hypnotherapist
  • Integrative nutritional health coach
  • Master success coach
  • Master EFT practitioner


My books feature my own experience of life with and healing from fibromyalgia. They also share healing strategies such as stress management, brain retraining (for the over-active nervous system response), daily practices, positivity activities, and more.

  • FibroWHYalgia – This is my seminal book detailing my personal journey with fibromyalgia and the healing process I took to live a better life. This book has been a perennial Amazon #1 bestseller in the chronic illness category of books.
  • Chronic Coloring – This activity book features fun and creative ways to manage stress, invite relaxation, improve cognitive function, encourage positivity, and more!
  • Get Back into Whack –This book shares how to easily rewire the brain to outsmart stress, overcome self-sabotage, and optimize healing from fibromyalgia and chronic illness. It includes wealth of information on the healing process including over seven dozen ways to improve brain function.
  •  Get Back into Whack Workbook – This workbook is designed as a perfect complement to the book, Get Back into Whack. It features discovery questions, success themes, a 30-day quick start guide, and
    an action guide that can be used to follow for months and years go come.

"True Healing requires a combination of healthy nutrition, healthy body movements, and emotional wellness. This is what I call the Restoration Trio" ~ Sue Ingebretson