February 24


Do you know what action counts?

By Sue Ingebretson

February 24, 2015

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Do you know what action counts?Recently, I had the honor of giving a keynote address at California State University, Fullerton to a group of fibromyalgia (and non-fibromyalgia) study subjects. I shared information on the key steps that lead to wellness. It’s exciting to provide tips on my favorite topic — The Restoration Trio. This includes, Nutrition, Fitness, and Emotional Wellness (stress management).

But, when it comes to putting these plans into action, what’s the greatest roadblock?

What I encounter over and over are those who say,

“I don’t know what action to take,

so I take none at all.”

Does that sound like you?

As it turns out, there’s no “right” way to begin. I mentioned to the attendees of this event that taking action is what counts … not what action you take. I know that this is sometimes difficult. There’s no perfect method to implement. And, in fact, information overload is common.

Take the pressure off. You don’t have to know all the answers. Start by following these simple steps.

1) Trust your own intuition (and sense of what’s right for you)

2) Hire, adopt, or connect with a coach, practitioner, mentor, or accountability partner

3) Start now — today — this very minute. Choose SOME action and begin.

Action steps lead to a world of discovery for you. Some steps may “work” while others aren’t as productive. Either way, you’ve learned something new. 

Also, action steps don’t have to be a big deal. Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

Put your heart, mind, and soul

into even your smallest acts.

This is the secret of success.

— Swami Sivananda

Even small steps lead to big results. So, what action steps toward wellness will you take next? 

  1. As usual, Sue, you are right on. In my experience with fibromyalgia wellness is a process incorporating nutrition, fitness and emotional wellness—body/mind/spirit. Each of us has to find the program that works best for us. I researched and tried countless strategies both medical and holistic until I found what worked best for me. My intuition guided me to Joy of Healing. Never give up and play an active role in your wellness.

  2. Hi Sue after reading about your interest in the steps that lead to wellness I thought you might be interested in a short article I wrote about the 8 dimensions of wellness on Fibro Files. I have linked to it here with my name. Thanks for supporting #FibroFriday each week.

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