November 22


Attitude of Gratitude

By Sue Ingebretson

November 22, 2010

Change, focus, self-care, stress-relief

I spoke to a local support group last Thursday and enjoyed sharing ideas and information about health and healing from chronic illness. Fibromyalgia is a complicated condition and it takes a complex approach to begin the healing process.

I gave out lots of valuable information about nutrition, food allergies/intolerances, the digestive tract, and cognitive function, etc. After I finished, I pointed out that it’s their turn to put that information to use! Putting knowledge into action gets results.

Thinking about putting knowledge into action on the way home got me to thinking. We each see new ideas or concepts through our own filters or perceptions. It therefore makes a difference if we have a “half full” or “half empty” type of personality. Do we see things as negative or positive? Threatening or enlightening? What do we focus on the most?

I believe that focus makes all the difference in the world – and that focus is a CHOICE!

When we view change as an opportunity rather than a punishment, we open the door to new possibilities and ideas. Of course we can’t be 100% focused on the positive at all times, but when we lean more toward the positive than the negative, the results will reflect our efforts. Here are a few ideas to think about as you contemplate change:

    • Choose to view nutritional changes as a way to learn what “works” for you.
    • Choose to focus on what foods to include rather than exclude from your diet.
    • Choose to accept the fact that as our bodies change, so do our nutritional needs.
    • Choose to focus on the results that occur after making positive lifestyle changes.
    • Choose to filter comments from others. Take in the positive and “sift out” the negative.
    • Choose to give yourself the freedom to make self-care a priority.
    • Choose to be patient with yourself as you begin new fitness routines.
    • Choose to be patient with yourself as you learn new stress-relieving strategies such as meditation, journaling, and guided imagery.
    • Choose to be kind to yourself – every day.
    • And, above all, choose to live with an attitude of gratitude!


    I hope this short list gives you a jumpstart toward creating your own. In what ways do you plan to change your focus? Remember – the choice is yours!

      1. This post reminds me of why I enjoy reading your blog; you are a positive woman!

        I plan on changing my focus by choosing to live with an attitude of gratitude!

      2. The element of choice is elegantly simple in power and in immediacy of empowerment. Consciously choosing affirming and positive thoughts and actions generates gratitude and generosity. As those with fibro encounter challenges, we learn to keep a toolbox of actions and resources on hand. By choosing and executing healing and wellness actions, we buoy our spirit and boost resilience; by sharing what we learn, we help each other. Great list, Sue! May you have a joyful day of gratitude.

        1. Thanks, James! I appreciate your comments very much. You’re so right that when we keep the positive resources that are available to us close at hand, we’re likely to make better choices. Thanks again! Sue

      3. i need a daily /morning meditation to see myself having a postive day, and this seems like a great way to start/ mythoughts will be postive today!grats!

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