February 6


Berry Sweet Chocolate Surprise Recipe

By Sue Ingebretson

February 6, 2018

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Looking for a quick and easy chocolate recipe to make for your sweetheart? (That means you, BTW.) Creating something sweet doesn’t have to take gobs of effort. I whipped these up in no time and have made enough to enjoy throughout the month!

Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day!

If you’ve been living under a rock (or under the influence of fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic illness, etc.) you may not be aware of the health benefits of true, dark chocolate.

There are even scientific discoveries that may be surprising to you. Dark chocolate can be healthy – if it’s eaten this way. Check out my article, What New Research Says about the Benefits of Dark Chocolate. It’s one of the most popular articles I’ve written. Go figure.

Now that you’re aware of the amazing anti-inflammatory health benefits of dark chocolate, here’s how to make this quick and easy recipe.

Yummy Berry Sweet Chocolate Surprise Bites

It all begins with a simple chocolate recipe. Whether you make your own (with just 3 basic ingredients!) or melt an already made chocolate, it’s an easy-peasy way to make something taste fancy … but it’s not.

Sue’s Simple Cacao Chocolate Recipe

Ingredients —

½ C Coconut oil (raw, unrefined, organic)

½ C Cacao powder (raw, unrefined)

1 to 3 TB Honey (raw, unrefined, locally harvested)

½ tsp Vanilla (natural extract)*

Pinch of ground sea salt*


Directions –

Simply melt the coconut oil by nesting a glass bowl containing the oil over another bowl of hot water (double boiler method). Depending on the temperature in your kitchen, the water doesn’t have to be boiling. Hot water from the tap will do. Then mix in the cacao powder and honey until smooth. Feel free to use a different sweetener such as grade B maple syrup or your favorite unrefined stevia.  

[If you prefer, you can also melt (using the same double boiler method) high-quality dark chocolate bars, chips, or fondue melting chocolate such as Sephra brand.]

3 Steps to Make ‘Em Berry Special

To make these little treats, I used frozen blueberries and raspberries. I don’t think you need to freeze them beforehand, but that’s what I had. I keep some berries in the freezer to quickly add to morning smoothies.

Step 1)


Place one berry in each “cup” of the freezer trays. (I prefer to use the types of trays that have the rubber or silicone bottoms. They make it easy to push the chocolate treat out when frozen.)

You could also use any candy mold such as the heart mold pictured to the right. 

Step 2)

Spoon the melted chocolate over each berry until covered. When one tray is complete, I usually tap the tray onto the counter a few times to help the chocolate settle around the berry and to make sure there aren’t any bubbles.

Step 3)

Pop the trays into the freezer and — here’s the hardest part — wait until frozen. I have no idea how long this takes. I didn’t time it. I made them one late afternoon before dinner and after dinner, they were already frozen and ready to enjoy.


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After they’re frozen, I poke them out of the trays and store them in a Ziploc bag. I prefer to keep them in the freezer, but that’s just me. I love how the berry in the middle almost melts in the mouth surrounded by smooth, rich, deep, dark, chocolate.

Sound tempting?

It’s a very good thing that one small bite is just enough.

What Will You Try?

Man cannot live on berries alone. Imagine how delicious these can be with nuts, coconut, seeds, or bananas! Or choose other fruits and berry add-ins such as strawberries, blackberries, chopped mangoes, pomegranate seeds, etc. For a flavored chocolate, add natural extracts or essential oils, if desired. (If adding essential oils, make certain that they’re of the highest quality and are labelled for supplement use. If you’re not sure, ask me HERE or ask your favorite essential oils wellness representative.) 

Oh, the plethora of healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, protein, and more!

The options are endless. What will you create? Please share your comments here and let’s get inspired 😉

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