March 19


Best 60 Fibromyalgia Blogs

By Sue Ingebretson

March 19, 2024

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Do you wonder, sometimes, if people really get you? I mean, who really gets what it’s like to live with fibromyalgia and chronic illness anyway? I know who does.


Fibromyalgia bloggers!


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Best 60 Fibromyalgia Blogs List


Because we’re mostly comprised of people just like you – those dealing with fibromyalgia and chronic health challenges – we bloggers have a lot to say. And, because we’re all different, we say things in unique and distinctive ways.


And, that’s why this list is good for YOU! 


When it comes to gathering info you need, you’re in the driver’s seat. What interests you most? Do you feel validated by hearing about the struggle of others? Do you want to read positive options for getting through your day? No matter your interest — you get to choose.


What style resonates with you the most?


There’s a wide universe of bloggers out there and the world of fibro bloggers is diverse and savvy. Life is complicated enough. It feels good when you can join in a community of like-minded people. That’s what bloggers hope to provide. They want to provide a voice to the feelings, frustrations, fears, and internal frictions you experience daily.


Notice the flux. You may feel highly annoyed one day and peacefully optimistic another. That’s why it’s great to assemble a collection of people (bloggers) to compliment your every mood.


What’s In a List, Anyway?


FYI, I didn’t put this list together. It’s created by the peeps at FeedSpot and they were kind enough to share it with me.


It’s not a list of the best bloggers in order. If it were, I’d put some of these bloggers higher on the list and some much, much further down. But that again is a testament to individuality. I know what sort of information feels supportive to me – and what doesn’t.


I suspect you do, too.


So … go ahead and peruse! Cultivate your own list of favorites. Which ones speak your language?

My Own Fibromyalgia Blog Philosophy


At Rebuilding Wellness, you’ll discover hundreds (nearly 20 year’s worth) of blog posts on what it’s like to live with fibromyalgia and chronic illness. My posts are intended to be informational, enlightening, encouraging, and empowering. I’ve personally lived through the experience of struggling from all-encompassing pain to recovery. And I love to share that experience in a light-hearted and fun way.


Also, I’m grateful.


I’m grateful for the lessons learned through struggle (it’s a pain – literally – but they’re often the lessons that stick with us the most). And I’m grateful for the lessons learned from working with others. That means you. I’m grateful for every reader who has read my posts, comments, blogs, and books. I’m grateful for those who have shared my work, and those who have replied to me and shared their feelings. I’m also grateful for those who prefer to keep their feelings to themselves. To each their own.


As always, if you’d like help mapping out your own shifts toward recovery, contact me and let’s have a chat. What progress awaits in your future?

RebuildingWellness – Sue



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