May 2


What’s Your Biggest Struggle?

By Sue Ingebretson

May 2, 2017

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What would you say is your biggest health struggle? What do you worry about, fear the most, and think about non-stop? Struggling is never a happy experience. The word alone brings about angst and tension. It can make you feel isolated and lonely.

That’s why we need to stick together!

Sharing and supporting is what this Rebuilding Wellness community is all about. We share our frustrations in dealing with chronic health challenges such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, all forms of arthritis, diabetes, and various autoimmune ailments.

I need your help to make this community even better.

Your Biggest Struggle – Make Your Voice Heard

This is quick and simple. I’ve created a one click, one question survey.

Tell me what bugs you the most. It’s easy – just ONE question.

Write a little or a lot. It’s up to you.

Take this QUICK, simple, no frills survey here:

Biggest Struggle Survey

From My Last Survey

I sent out a survey several weeks ago and asked a few questions about your health. First, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to those of you who participated. I received some very helpful information on what types of support you’re looking for. 

Here’s a review of the highlights of my previous survey:

  • Your frustrations are nearly evenly split between pain and fatigue (low energy).
  • You’re interested in learning new ways to deal with stress.
  • When it comes to support, you’re interested in encouragements, inspiration, and positivity – (Yippee Skippy!)

But, I need you to cut to the chase. To get to the nitty gritty.

What’s your biggest struggle right now? Is is physical or emotional? Or, both? Does it relate to wellness strategies (nutrition, fitness, sleep, etc.)? You tell me! 

Either click on this link to take this ONE QUESTION question survey, or simply hit reply and let me know.

Biggest Struggle Survey

Either way – thanks so much for participating and making your voice heard!

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  1. I suffer from fibromyalgia. I live in South Africa in a small farming community in a place by the name of Riversdale. I love to do power walking and yoga. I have been doing yoga for 30 years. I am now 61. I have found lately that if I do power walking for an hour or so my muscles feel so stressed and painful. I eat healthy and feel I must keep moving before I become totally incapacitated. I am not sure whether to keep up my power walking or to stop altogether. I refuse to become a couch potato and I sometimes find that even doing my Yoga also causes pain in my muscles. The doctors here really don’t take much interest in assistance and I seem to get various different answers to my question. Are you able to perhaps help me with the above question?

    Thank you for taking the time to read my question question.

    Kind regards

    Marilyn Fourie

    1. Marilyn – thanks so much for your great comment. You’ve just described for this community what so many of us experience. And, it’s probably not what you think. Many of us – in the chronic illness world – suffer from what I call black or white thinking. We think of everything we do as either “all in” or “not at all.” We feel we need to eat “perfectly” or throw in the towel. We exercise to the point of pain (sometimes just once) and then give it up. I’m generalizing of course. But did you notice your comment about becoming a couch potato? As a yoga enthusiast and as someone who has enjoyed power walking for as long as you have – becoming a couch potato is not an option. You’re definitely correct about that. It’s simply not who you are. You’ll need to find a happy middle ground and sweet spot for the levels of exercise you can tolerate. And, does the term “power walking” resonate with you? If it does, that’s fine. But if it conjures up images of angst, struggle, and perhaps a former you that’s no longer applicable, it may be time to retire the term. Nature walks are just as effective and the point is to move your body. It’s a universal trait to be so hard on ourselves! When it comes to walking, there’s a big difference between power walking and dawdling. You’re not a dawdler 😉 Find your bliss spot somewhere in the middle. Give yourself permission to move with grace and ease and drop the expectation of pushing and striving. I can tell that you’re a very fit and vibrant woman and you’ll continue to be so in the decades ahead. Feel free to email me if you’d like more clarifications. And, thanks again for your great comment!

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