July 3


Can a Binge CREATE a Craving?

By Sue Ingebretson

July 3, 2012

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Today’s post will address item number FOUR on my Thirteen Surprising Sources of Food Cravings list is — Binging or “falling off the wagon” with empty calorie “foods” the day before.

Today we’ll take a look at just one cause of binging, although there are numerous others. We’re taking a close look at this source of cravings, because it may be the least familiar to you.

Most of us are headed off to parties and BBQs this week. There are lots of warnings associated with holidays – pool/water safety, avoiding too much sun exposure, etc., but did you know that holidays can serve as a potential catalyst for increased cravings – even the day after the event?

The opportunity to overeat on the actual day of the party is obvious. Many of us overindulge when a virtual smorgasbord of goodies are on display. It’s tough to stay focused on a healthy eating plan when a plethora of perhaps good-tasting (but empty-nutrient) offerings are in our constant field of vision.

We know what the ramifications of overeating are. We may feel bloated, groggy, fuzzy-headed, head-achy, and possibly remorseful. There’s nothing worse than feeling that we totally blew it.  Or is there? What’s worse than a binge day? TWO binge days (or more)!

Have you noticed that the day after a binge, you have a natural impulse to indulge again? Even in your empty-nutrient carbohydrate hangover state, your body wants more. I’ve had clients tell me that they felt strong-willed upon waking the day following Christmas or Thanksgiving, but later, they found themselves mindlessly chowing down on cake, pastries, home baked goods, or other leftovers. They’ve even reported that the ginormous cravings took hold at almost the same time as the get together took place the day before.

Rather than dissecting the root physiological cause to this phenomenon, let’s discuss how to short circuit or avoid this circumstance instead. It’s likely that temptations will run high at family and neighborhood events, so here are a few tips to prevent the occurrence of day after cravings for you!

— If you’re the guest — don’t take home leftovers!

— If you’re the host – be sure to serve plenty of healthy, satisfying dishes

— Plan your meals ahead of time for the day following your holiday get-together

— Increase your water intake the following day to help flush away excess empty-nutrient carbohydrates

So what’s cooking at your neighborhood BBQ? Are you worried that there won’t be anything healthy to eat? Bring your favorite dish yourself. And, of course, if you’re hosting, be sure to include plenty of fresh crunchy veggies to nibble, refreshing fruits to nosh, and serve pitchers of chilled lemon or cucumber water to prevent dehydration – especially if you plan to be in the sun.

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