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Get Back into Whack

THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE HOW YOU THINK! Are you crazy-pants excited about a new health program one minute, and then mindlessly slurping straight from the ice cream carton the next? No one talks about how to stop aggravating see-saw behaviors or why they happen in the first place. Has chronic illness hijacked our over-reactive brain? In her book, Get Back into Whack, Sue Ingebretson weeds out hidden stress patterns that sabotage the body’s ability to heal and repair. She shares her own recovery processes – successes and failures – as well as client case study examples.

WHY your oh-so clever brain steers toward negativity and “stuck-ness”. WHY your actions fluctuate between HOORAY and NO WAY. WHY your past efforts (including willpower) haven’t worked – and what does. SUE REPAIRED HER BODY AND YOU CAN, TOO. DON’T WAIT. GET YOUR COPY AND START TODAY.

Get Back into Whack Workbook

When it comes to your health, do you want fewer symptoms and more solutions? Are you looking for a detailed guide to help make healing a reality for you? You’ll find it here.

In this workbook, Sue Ingebretson shares the science of healing as well as her personal pathway to recovery from chronic health challenges such as fibromyalgia and autoimmune disease. This step-by-step roadmap pairs perfectly with the book, Get Back into Whack.

What’s inside?

  • Chapter re-cap questions plus surveys, study topics, and more
  • Practical, yet life-changing themes to set you up for success
  • Space to discover, journal, dream, and doodle
  • Easy-to-follow guidelines flexible enough for customization
  • Additional information to the book, Get Back into Whack
  • 30-Day Quick-Start Guide
  • BONUS: 12-Week Action Guide – 90 days and Beyond!


When Susan Ingebretson found her health spiraling out of control, she wanted to know why. Her tenacious research into the causes of chronic illness led her through a maze of traditional and nontraditional healing methods. Written with wit, wisdom, and warmth, FibroWHYalgia is a navigational tool that guides readers from chronic illness toward chronic wellness. Included are detailed descriptions for making nutritional, fitness, and stress-relieving lifestyle changes. Susan Ingebretson invites anyone with fibromyalgia and chronic illness to come down from the spectator seats and participate in restored health.

Chronic Coloring

It's time for Chronic Coloring! Are you or someone you love dealing with the challenges of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, or any other chronic illness? This engaging Mandala Coloring and Word Search Puzzle book is uniquely geared to encourage stress-relief AND promote a healthy lifestyle.The positive messages included are perfect for kids, teens, and adults. Coloring, doodling, and puzzles are shown to encourage relaxation, relief from everyday stress, improve mental focus, generate creative expression, increase positivity, foster a healing mindset, and boost that important "in the moment" feeling. This unique coloring and activity book is brought to you by the author of the #1 Amazon Chronic Illness bestseller, FibroWHYalgia.

"When faced with unplanned change, we may choose to do nothing, struggle with the inevitability, or take charge of the situation with an optimistic view." 

~ Sue Ingebretson, Get Back into Whack