June 14


Building a Better Immune System

By Sue Ingebretson

June 14, 2011

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Are you in pain? Feel overwhelmed and fatigued? Do you have cognitive difficulties and digestive troubles? If so, odds are very good that you are experiencing the devastating effects of inflammation.

Because inflammation is tied to your immune system, let’s investigate that a bit further. You may feel that with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, MS, etc, you have an immune system that’s underperforming. That’s both true and not true.

If you deal with chronic illness, the immune system that prevents you from getting coughs, colds, congestion, flu, etc. is probably compromised. If that’s the case, you have increased likelihood of catching every infection that blows your way. On the other hand, your immune system is also stuck in high gear. In its constant battle to detect and fight against foreign invaders, it works overtime. Pain, fatigue, fog, digestive disorders, etc. are the result. In other words – inflammation.

So which one do you fix? Do you want to suppress or boost your immune system?

While it seems counter-intuitive, you can actually do both. You can build a better immune system – thereby reducing inflammation – and teach the overactive part how to behave.

You already have an intuitive gut feeling about this subject. Yep, it’s right there – in your gut. Your digestive health has everything to do with your immune system health. If your digestive system is compromised (by eating processed, sugary, empty-calorie foods), you’ll experience improper absorption of nutrients from the foods you eat. You will also feel fatigued as you’re making the digestive system work harder than it has to. Cognitive impairments are also a part of this equation as the brain and gut share the same effects.

Inflammation is a direct result of the Standard American Diet.

When the digestive system is unhealthy, it can allow particles of undigested food to pass through directly into the blood stream. That’s where the immune system goes into overdrive. It mistakenly believes it’s under attack and sends out an immune response that ends up causing pain and inflammation in the joints, muscles, and soft tissues of the body.

So, what to do?

The good news is that the digestive system, with a little assistance, can heal! My own body is a testament to that fact. I had the unhealthiest digestive system on the planet, and can now say that I no longer suffer from the effects of a compromised system. I have a strong immune system that prevents me from catching colds, illnesses, etc. and I have a smart immune system that no longer attacks itself causing inflammation.

These basic, healthy habits changed my life, and they can change yours, too!

– Deep belly breathing
– Drink plenty of clean, filtered water
– Participate often in stress-relieving activities such as yoga and tai chi
– Take a high quality fish or krill oil supplement (Omega 3s are vital for immune system rebuilding)
– Take a quality probiotic as directed
– Take a quality digestive enzyme with each meal
– Develop good sleep patterns
– Eat high fiber, nutrient-dense, whole foods

Start your journey to wellness today and remember there’s no such thing as perfection. Simply take one step at a time and make the best choices that you can. You have a powerful opportunity to make great strides toward healing your body with every single bite!

  1. Sharing with many people. This is well thought out and well said Sue. I am doing my best to heal myself. I thank God everyday that I have you to support and guide me!

  2. Hi Sue! A mutual friend Donna Wilson told me about your blog and I had to visit. I enjoyed this post immensely. I’ve suffered from fibro for years and currently have it somewhat under control. Although I don’t suffer as much as many I know, it does flare up occasionally if I’m stressed, not getting enough rest, or not eating properly. Thanks to you and Donna for sharing your knowledge! It’s greatly appreciated.

    1. Thanks for the great comment and a big thanks to Donna. Isn’t she a sweetie? Love what she does! I appreciate you checking out my posts and interviews. I’m happy to share on facebook, too (www.Facebook.com/FibroWHYalgia). I’m so glad to hear that you’ve got your symptoms mostly under wraps and I appreciate recommendations to other Fibrofolk that you know!

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