February 23


Counting Carbs, Calories, and Cardboard for Weight Loss

By Sue Ingebretson

February 23, 2016

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Do you know what nutritional plan to follow? Are you confused by one weight management plan that conflicts with another? What does work? Today, we’ll take a look at one specific aspect of weight loss and weight management plans. One that NEVER works.

If you’re looking to create a completely new you, don’t follow the advice you see on TV or magazine ads that sell packaged “food-like” products.

Let me clarify….

This time of year, I go nutty with the media circus that touts one packaged and processed diet after another. Weight loss is BIG business. We hear that we should count carbs, calories, or even food packages. As in, “It’s as easy as 1-2-3! One box of Bland-Tastic for breakfast, a box of ready-made Bland-Tastic shake mix for lunch and another for dinner and voila!”

Nothing says bon appetit like cardboard on the outside and cardboard on the inside, eh? (Blech!)

Could these counting diets and prepared and packaged meals actually work? They can, depending on what you’re looking for when you count.

If you’re looking for a temporary fix, then counting stuff works. If you’re looking for a permanent fix, put the calculator away.

We’re all slaves to our habits. Therefore, any change in your diet that reduces your overall caloric intake (and carbohydrates in particular) will result in weight loss. Generally speaking, the more restrictive the diet, the more you’ll lose.

But that’s a blip

on the scale (literally).

The body will always rebound. If the restriction in calories lasts too long, the body will slow the metabolism so that weight loss plateaus or stops. Depending on your personal metabolism and health, it’s even possible to gain weight after an initial period of weight loss.

Frustrating, isn’t it.

The point is, I totally get the desire to try something that will kick your weight loss plan into action. Sometimes it’s good to try something new and short-term. But if you want long-term results, then you need a plan for AFTER the re-boot or detox.

 Here’s the only question you need to ask for now – is your nutrition plan sustainable? If not, step back, reevaluate, and tweak.

Here’s my choice of how to kick things into gear. I did this cleanse myself last spring and plan to do so again this year. After which, I step right back into a healthy eating program that includes plenty of fresh veggies, clean proteins, and healthy fats. 

Calorie data and other nutrition facts ARE important! Find out what you need to know as well as lots more super helpful (if I do say so) information, in this article that I wrote for ProHealth.com Does Counting Calories Work? 

Now remember, you do NOT have to have fibromyalgia in order to benefit from this information above. Please share with others and join in the conversation. What are your favorite tips? Please share below!

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