June 17


What’s Wrong With These Change Motivators?

By Sue Ingebretson

June 17, 2014

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whats-wrong-with-these-change-motivatorsEver wonder why you can’t seem to get out of the health rut you’re in? What Change Motivators are you looking for to take the next step? When it comes to finding a healthy food plan, exercise plan, or stress management plan, do you feel stuck and unable to move forward?


If so … you’re not alone.


Most of us are comfortable with the status quo. Whether we have fibromyalgia, chronic health challenges, or a pebble in our shoe, we don’t change unless we become agitated or uncomfortable where we are. So, what’s your tipping point?


While the answer to that is different for each of us, here are a few basic beliefs about what motivates us to change:


Three Common Change Motivators


1)      We have to hit rock bottom first – life has to become unbearable

2)      Someone should swoop in to rescue (or at least influence us to make change)

3)      We have to discover a new “fix” that becomes a game changer


How did these Change Motivators strike you? I hope the fact that they’re LIES hit you squarely between the eyes.


That’s right. They’re all untrue.


And, as with all things, it’s never a matter that’s simply black or white. While the intent of each Change Motivator listed above is false, there’s a grain of truth in each.


In fact, it’s oftentimes the grain of truth in any lie

that makes it all the more powerful.


Looking at Change Motivator #1, do we have to hit rock bottom? Sometimes, rock middle is just as good a place to start as any. As for Change Motivator #2, are we really waiting for someone to swoop in and solve all of our problems? Probably not. But, we can take the collective influence of those around us and make great strides in our health goals using their guided support.


Then there’s Change Motivator #3. We typically let this one hold us back the most. We see a new health and healing option, we give it a shot, it doesn’t turn out exactly as we thought, and we drop it like a hot potato.


Then we say, “Next!”


Many call this BSO Syndrome (Bright Shiny Object Syndrome). 


Is any ONE particular treatment or program going to “fix” us? Even though we know the answer to that is no, that doesn’t stop us from searching for the next doctor, the next medication, the next supplement, the next protocol….


While any combination of these things may work, it’s the mindset of “what’s next” that holds us back. That alone says that what we have isn’t enough.


Do you have enough tools and information right now to start making healthier choices and improvements in your life? What Change Motivator do you need to put them into ACTION? Share below and let us know!

  1. Great post as always. I think the true change motivator is that we have to want something else more than we want the comfort of the status quo.

    1. You’re so right, Julie, and well said. And, we each cross that “want something else” line at a different place!

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