December 6


Gift the Gift of Positivity and Stress Relief!

By Sue Ingebretson

December 6, 2016

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Give the gift of positivity and stress relief! Do your fibromyalgia and chronic illness symptoms take center stage? Would you like to relieve stress, become more positive, find a creative outlet, and learn more about healthy lifestyles? Then, it’s time for you to get Chronic Coloring!  

I have two bits of exciting news for you.

ONE: I’ve just released my new coloring and activity book — Chronic Coloring: Stress-Relieving Coloring Pages and Activities to Encourage Healing from Chronic Illness and Inspire Rebuilding Wellness

TWO: I’m hosting a contest just for YOU, my readers 😉

Here are a few important details about my NEW BOOK:

This engaging Mandala Coloring and Word Search Puzzle book is uniquely geared to encourage stress-relief AND promote a healthy lifestyle. The positive messages included are perfect for kids, teens, and adults.

Coloring, doodling, and puzzles are shown to encourage relaxation, relief from everyday stress, improve mental focus, generate creative expression, increase positivity, foster a healing mindset, and boost that important “in the moment” feeling.

This Chronic Coloring activity book includes:

  • 20 Unique and attractive Mandala Designs with Inspirational Quotes
  • 10 Word Search Puzzles on a wide variety of healthy and healing topics including nutrition, body movement, essential oils, and vitamin/supplement options (see Amazon book page for full list)
  • One-side coloring pages; only one picture printed on each sheet
  • Several blank pages included for creative doodling or jotting down notes regarding your healthy healing plans
  • Helpful information on stress and stress management
  • Helpful information on color psychology and the usage of color
  • High-resolution coloring images
  • A perfect stress-relieving activity to take to doctor’s visits and while resting
  • A perfect gift to give and receive
  • A convenient and attractive 8” x 10” size
  • A perfect escape from the chronic illness life!
  • All for less than the cost of a Starbucks Eggnog Latte and a Pumpkin Scone (not to mention much, much healthier!). Get your copy of Chronic Coloring for only $7!

*Would you like to enter my Stress Relief Honor System Contest? 

(*Sorry, this contest has expired.) 

FIVE lucky winners, will receive my Stress Less Silver Program course valued at $97 for FREE! This course includes all the information, checklists, guides, and handouts you need to assess your levels of stress and move toward a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Read more about this popular Rebuilding Wellness course here.

You see, I have an amazing goal.

I plan to share the good news of stress management and healthy healing to over 500 people before the end of 2016. I realize that my activity book, Chronic Coloring is just the beginning … but, it’s a good beginning. This number represents just a small fraction of this fabulous Rebuilding Wellness community, so I know we can get there together.

I need YOUR help!

I appreciate your participation in this contest and just as important I appreciate your willingness to share this post. Please consider sharing by forwarding emails, posting on social media outlets, and the good old-fashioned way – telling someone.

Do you know others who could use the gift of stress management?

There are just two simple steps to enter my Stress Relief Honor System contest.

First, pick up a copy (or several) of Chronic Coloring for yourself and/or for others. Here are a few suggestions for ways to gift others:   

  • Stocking stuffers
  • Hostess gifts
  • Teacher gifts
  • Co-worker gifts
  • Gifts for your hairdressers, manicurist, masseuse, etc.

Here’s how you can enter to win.

Step 1) Purchase Chronic Coloring from Amazon before midnight December 31, 2016.

Step 2) Send a quick email to – letting me know that you’d like to be entered in my Stress Relief Honor System Contest. Let me know how many copies you’ve purchased and you’ll receive that number of entries.

Easy peasy! And, that’s it! I’ll draw FIVE lucky winners on January 2, 2017 and will email the winners directly. I’ll also give a shout out to the winners in my January 3rd blog post.

Why is this an Honor System Contest?

I’m glad you asked. I could have you go through the rigmarole of sending me your Amazon confirmation receipts or some such nonsense, but we’ve all got enough to do. Simply email me to tell me you’ve made a purchase and that’s good enough for me. No fuss, no muss. 

Are you ready to experience stress relief for yourself? Pick up your own copy today, and don’t forget to enter my Stress Relief Honor System Contest right now!

And, remember … sharing is caring 😉 Amazon book reviews are appreciated more than you know. Yours may be the very thing that turns a curious browser into a Chronic Coloring buyer!

*Links to Sue’s Amazon products may include affiliate links.

The few pennies earned are appreciated and help to defray business operating costs.* 

  1. Sue,
    You are an amazing, talented, gifted woman. I admire your self-discipline and how you are able to be as productive as you are. Can I have some of that please?

    Talk to you soon,

    1. Fawn – what a sweetie you are! Rather than self-discipline, think of it as simply checking things off your list. When the list is clearly defined and you know what you want, then things get done 😉

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