October 15


Transforming Chronic Illness Into Chronic Wellness

By Sue Ingebretson

October 15, 2013

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Have you ever wondered how chronic illness becomes chronic? It sort of sneaks up on you like dust in forgotten corners. It seems like things just go a bit wonky one day, and then cartwheel downhill from there. 

Some say fibromyalgia is like a flu that never goes away. But those with fibromyalgia don’t often describe it that way. A flu is nothing like the chronic pain of fibromyalgia. It’s more like waking up in pain the morning after being in a severe auto accident. That whole body “Oh no!” feeling that doesn’t go away. Every morning (like an un-fun version of the movie Groundhog Day) is a repeat of the morning prior.

When pain becomes the result of chronic illness,

it’s hard to forget – or ignore.

Is pain a problem for you? Or what about fatigue, chronic digestive challenges, or foggy thinking?

If so, then I can totally relate.

That’s exactly where I was many years ago. I’d had a few symptoms that lingered and then became a bunch of symptoms. Soon, I was overwhelmed with pain, fatigue, and a host of other life-altering concerns.

I did what most anyone would do. I went to the doctor. Then another one. Then another one….

Did I get help? Sometimes, I did get a little relief. I found a medication that worked – for a time. Then the pain got worse. I tried something else. I put forth a whole lot of effort without much to show for it. Painful months turned into agonizing years.

I didn’t really begin to find solutions until I turned my whole world upside down. I decided that no one really understood my body except for me. I realized that no one else could articulate my needs as well as I could on my own. I realized that I knew what was best for me.

Maybe you’re there, too? But, you’re just not sure which way to go?

To learn more about how I forged my own path, I hope you join me in my conversation with Glen Depke of Depke Wellness. He’s an amazing naturopath who specializes in the areas of adrenal health and in chronic health challenges. I wish I’d known him years ago when I was searching for answers. I’m sure my recovery wouldn’t have taken nearly so long.  I’m grateful to work with him as a colleague, but to also call him a friend.

On October 22, you have an opportunity to tune in and listen to an open and off-the-cuff conversation with Glen and with me. We’ll discuss chronic health challenges and opportunities for healing. Be sure to sign up for this teleseminar – Transforming Chronic Illness Into Chronic Wellness –  and check out his site as well. Sign up for his newsletter and make sure that you don’t miss a one.

Transforming Chronic Illness into Chronic Wellness is so important to me, it’s in the subtitle of my book, FibroWHYalgia.

I believe that healing from the inside out is not only possible, it’s probable in the right circumstances. Are you ready to take action?

Listen in on the 22nd of October and be sure to join in the conversation!


Sue Ingebretson

Interested in co-creating your own program to heal from the inside out? Check out Sue’s Rebuilding Wellness site – and click on the Work With Sue tab to learn more.


  1. Hello Sue
    I am very interested in the teleseminar, but I don’t know what this is or how to access it. Please could you tell me how much it will be and how to take part?

    I really appreciate your emails and they are very helpful.
    Best wishes

    1. I’m so glad you asked, Annette, and thanks so much for taking the time to write the kind comment!

      In the blog above, you’ll see the term, “Transforming Chronic Illness Into Chronic Wellness” that’s in blue bold print. When you click on that, you’ll be taken to more information and the signup page to register for the call.

      In general, any type in my blog that is blue and bold is a hyperlink that can be clicked on for more information.

      Please let me know if you have any difficulty and I’ll help you any way that I can.

      I appreciate your input!

  2. Will this be something that can only be accessed once? That is my daughter’s birthday, so could I get it the next day?

    1. Anne – I’m hoping to provide a replay afterward, so please sign up and register even if you can’t attend at the time. I think Glen’s office will verify after the event. Thanks!

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