March 10


Make Time for Chronic Pain Relief

By Sue Ingebretson

March 10, 2015

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Make Time for Chronic Pain ReliefI don’t have to tell you what it’s like to feel pain, do I? The aggravatingly painful symptoms of fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, migraines, arthritis, etc. are a constant reminder of the diagnoses that many of us share. Even if our pain intensity changes, the consistency part of the equation is the very definition of “chronic.” But, is there such thing as relief? Can anything healthy or healing round off the harsh edges of chronic pain?

Yes, pain relief can be found

in the healing touch of massage.

While massage isn’t a fix-all for a chronic pain solution (nothing is, by the way), it can provide a wonderful respite that can last for quite some time.

Relief sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? Sort of like the picture included in this post. The lovely dictionary definition says, “Relief: alleviation, ease, or deliverance through the removal of pain, distress, or oppression.”

My hand is raised … yes, please. I’d like some pain alleviation, thank you very much.

There may be more benefits to massage than first meets the eye (or the touch). For more details, check out this fabulous infographic from

Make Time for Chronic Pain Relief

Did you learn something new? I hope so!

We’ve discussed before the topic of feeling that massage is only for special circumstances. I hope you noticed in this graphic that 43% of those polled seek out massage for medical reasons, while only 16% do so for “pampering.” I’m not knocking pampering, but many of us can get stuck in the unhelpful thinking that massage is just a luxury.

If you think massage is just to be used as a treat, revisit my Healthy Treats or Treatments post here

And, while I’m on the subject of pain, you may ask why I get regular massages when my fibromyalgia pain is minimal. It’s true that I no longer experience the day-to-day 3 alarm pain levels that I once did. But I’m a big fan of ALL the healing benefits massage has to offer including stress relief.

Of course, massage can also alleviate pain from injuries. I’ve had my fair share of those in the past year or two. I had a shoulder injury in October of 2013 that led to a frozen shoulder (this type of “frozen” has NOTHING at all to do with a fun Disney movie). Recently, after a series of injuries and overuse, my other shoulder wants to follow suit (but I’m proactively heading it off at the pass with several therapies including massage).

I also had a recent fall in my kitchen that was spectacularly ungraceful. The best part is that no one witnessed the incident except for Pup and she’s sworn to secrecy. When my ankle sprain began to swell, it got my attention and I headed right to my favorite massage therapist (thanks, Leah!). I later followed up with chiropractic visits and soon I’ll be less Hop-Along and more Hopeful about my improved mobility.

Have you experienced pain relief from therapeutic massage? Have you found the right massage therapist?

Please share your experiences below!

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