September 23


Creamy Dips Dressings Desserts Recipe

By Sue Ingebretson

September 23, 2014

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Last week, we looked into a healthy snack recipe to satisfy our salty, crunchy, and crispy cravings. This week, we’ll address cravings that lean toward the creamy side. And … here’s the great news. It’s easy! Finding healthy (and oh-so creamy) foods is both quick and simple. Here are four surprising ingredients to add a creamy touch to your dips, dressings, and even healthy desserts.


It’s super important for those of us who struggle with fibromyalgia and chronic health challenges to fuel ourselves with top-quality, nutritious, and anti-allergy foods. That’s why looking for healthier substitutions for the foods we crave is a good idea. Try out today’s suggestions and take a look at last week’s recipe below. Then dig into the recipe ideas that follow. 


(You can review last week’s Crunchy Crispy Snack Recipe here)


Want a creamy dip?


Whip up (literally) a can of garbanzo beans (a.k.a. chickpeas) or white beans and you’ve got a great side for dipping crudités, or spreading on your lettuce wraps. Bean dips can be made with added olive oil, tahini (blended sesame seeds), lemon juice, and/or your favorite seasonings such as garlic.


You can even add blended beans to baked dessert recipes like these Flour-Free Black Bean Brownies (so, not kidding) for a thick and creamy option. 


Want to make your homemade dressings creamier?


Add a handful of cashews or macadamia nuts to thicken an already delightful blended dressing. My favorite citrus variety is to add a couple small (peeled and de-seeded) oranges or tangerines to my blender along with a generous handful of cashews. Add a tablespoon or so of tahini and about ¼ C of white wine vinegar (or coconut amino acids). Yum!


Anyone up for a creamy dessert?


Add avocado to just about anything blended and you’ll be surprised at the mousse-like consistency you can create. I love avocado added to my smoothies for a thick, creamy treat (besides the obvious benefits of folate, healthy fats, fiber, phytosterols, and more). Adding unsweetened flaked coconut and actual coconut cream can also thicken your foods and help to make them creamy — and delicious. 


To make your own simple chocolate mousse in a blender: Add about ½ C unsweetened almond or coconut milk, about ¼ C cacao powder (raw, unsweetened), about 1 C spinach, about 1 TB of local, organic honey (or about 5 chopped, soaked dates, or about ½ of a frozen banana), and a tsp or so of vanilla (if desired). Add in 1 peeled and pitted avocado (or 2 small). Blend until thick and mousse-like. Don’t over blend. Adjust with more nut milk as needed if the mousse is too thick. NOTE: The spinach adds fiber and a whole gob of nutrients (with little to no flavor), so add – or delete – to suit your taste.


TIPS: There are TONS of flavor options for this favorite mousse. Add in nuts, seeds, cinnamon, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, fresh or frozen fruits, or any other fresh and favorite flavor. It can even be frozen (in individual servings, if you like) for a tasty treat that’s far superior and beats the nutritious pants off of ice cream.  


There you have it — four fabulous and surprisingly creamy ingredients.


By adding beans, nuts, avocado, and/or coconut to your recipes, you can amp up the creaminess factor while boosting the nutrient value of your favorite recipes. Of course, there are other ingredients that can prove useful, too. What’s your favorite for making foods thicker and creamier? Can’t wait to hear from you, so share below!

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