August 23


How Disconnected Thoughts Lead to a Disconnected Life

By Sue Ingebretson

August 23, 2011

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I teach workshops and speak on the theme of Lifestyle Balance. For many of us, the opposite of this – or an imbalance – helped to create the disease state in which we now live. Chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, diabetes, etc. have all been referred to as diseases of disconnect. They stem from serious imbalances.

There are both physiological imbalances (digestive, hormonal, etc.) and psychological imbalances – our thoughts.

Today, we’ll focus on the latter.

How different from your thoughts are your actions?

We’re all familiar with this concept, hence the common admonition “Do as I say not as I do.” But, we might not be as familiar with the result of this disconnect. The body feels and reacts to every single thought that we generate. The body is always looking for ways to achieve balance. So, what happens when the mind and body are constantly at odds? The result of that lifestyle opens the door wide to chronic illness.

Some people are completely unaware of this discord. They don’t even recognize that their own thoughts are not in alignment with their intentions. For many, the negative self talk takes a disastrous toll. For others, it’s a disconnect between what they say and what they really want.

Have you ever worked with a Grumpy Gus who complains about everything, sees the worst in everyone and then describes himself to others as “happy-go-lucky” or “laid back?” I’m sure we’ve all met him in one place or another.

Or maybe you have a Nervous Nellie in your network of family and friends. She constantly worries about looming disaster yet defines herself as “spiritual and optimistic?”

These are emotional or psychological disconnects that lead to or exacerbate physical ailments.

Let’s take a look closer to home. What about your own thoughts and desires? Do your actions match your thoughts and dreams? Do you fantasize of a healthier you, yet no action steps have been taken? Do you want closer relationships with others yet you consistently shut them out? Do you want to make progress toward your goals, yet your negative self talk constantly holds you back?

It’s time to wrangle your thoughts into manageable and identifiable themes. Awareness is the key and journaling is a great way to achieve awareness. First thing in the morning, write down your thoughts. Don’t worry about having anything to say, simply write down anything that comes to mind. Soon enough, a picture will begin to emerge. A picture of what you’re thinking and in what way those thoughts might be holding you back.

Keep a small notebook handy throughout the day and jot down stray thoughts that are not in alignment with your goals. Identifying the thoughts that keep you disconnected from your goals is a vital first step toward a healthier you!

As you begin to identify your “disconnects” share them here!

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