November 24


Do You Want a Grateful Brain?

By Sue Ingebretson

November 24, 2015

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Grateful BrainHow’s your happiness factor? Do you have room for more in your life? What about joy? I hope you feel joyful often. If not, don’t fret. I’d like to share the good news about your brain. Do you have a grateful brain? It has an amazing capacity to change, adapt, and re-wire itself using gratitude and grateful practices. Other healing emotions apply as well such as thankfulness, compassion, and forgiveness. Find out how to begin today!

Wanna know more?

Exciting new scientific studies share groundbreaking news about the neural plasticity of the brain. It used to be thought that our brain pathways) are static – like a set of blueprints. We now know, however, that our brains are actually quite adaptive. In fact, our neural pathways change all of the time.[1]

And, we get to CHOOSE

how our brains change!

One proven way to increase our happiness factor is to shift the focus of our brains to thoughts of gratitude and thankfulness. What are you grateful for?

For some, that query may pose a challenge. We’re creatures of habit and if a negative mindset is a well-trenched pattern, then be aware that it’ll take time to shift toward a more grateful and thankful frame of mind.

At all times …

patient with yourself.

Be kind.

In fact, that’s where most gratitude journeys begin. I repeatedly find that clients who are frustrated or angry at others or about their circumstances (and often rightly so) – are very impatient with their own progress. They expect nothing short of perfection and their negative thoughts are self-directed. It’s common to be hardest on ourselves!

That’s where change must start.

Take the time to begin a gratitude practice, and you’ll be glad that you did. Do it consistently for 30 days, and let me know what changes you’ve seen in your happiness factor!

For today, this week, and for the rest of this year, begin by being thankful for your friends, family, the health you DO have. Acknowledge your abundant ability to share, love, and grow.

Here are a few quick tips on keeping a Gratitude Journal.

For more information, check out this post about the Power of the Pen

Wanna participate in a 30 Day Meditation Challenge? Check out the link at the end of this Gratitude article from Forbes Magazine. 

If you can crank up your happiness factor with just a few minutes of practicing gratitude, thankfulness, and compassion – just imagine what can happen as you start to make this a daily habit!

I can’t wait to hear about your experiences. Please share below.




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