August 6


Dr. Oz and Fibromyalgia Part 2

By Sue Ingebretson

August 6, 2013

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Fibromyalgia and Dr. Oz
Fibromyalgia and Dr. Oz

Wow! Did you read last week’s post? If you didn’t get a chance already, review it here – Dr. Oz and Fibromyalgia – How He Got it Wrong.

You may also wish to view the fibromyalgia episode on Dr. Oz, here.

This post is all about the feedback from our wonderful community. I’m amazed, overwhelmed, intrigued, surprised, pleased, and generally encouraged by the comments that poured in over last week’s post. I think it set a record for the most comments received in one week. Of course, everyone has an opinion – but not everyone takes the time to share. Thanks so much for taking the time to add to this community!

From your comments we’ve learned that some of you love Dr. Oz and some not-so-much. We’ve also learned that some of you share the same disparity of feelings for me. But regardless of Dr. Oz and your opinions on my personal coverage of his show, the general consensus was clearly a grand, sweeping disappointment in how fibromyalgia is viewed by the world.

Here’s how our “world” seems to be viewed by the general public:

The fibromyalgia diagnosis process is fuzzy.

Fibromyalgia symptoms are fuzzy.

Fibromyalgia treatment options are fuzzy.

It’s no wonder we’re frustrated!

Many of you shared your own personal successes, your own frustrations, and your take on the Dr. Oz show. You can read the blog post comments in their entirety from Part 1 of my How He Got It Wrong post. The following are comments shared on other social media sites.

Comments and Fibromyalgia

Here’s a snippet of Twitter comments:

“I have been able to stay off meds with an anti-inflammatory pescetarian diet!”

 “What’s the difference between osteopathic manipulation and chiropractics?”

“On Dr. Oz- #Fibromyalgia is a life threatening illness as it threatens the patient’s lifestyle.”

Here’s a snippet of Facebook comments:

“I have actually been on Dr. Oz and found the show to be a superficial waste of time….”

“I never watched it because I’m just not a fan of Dr. Oz….he just annoys me!!”

“I sure got the giggles when you mentioned House. I can just imagine what HIS take on fibro is. ;-)”

“….I think it’s a good start (not excellent by any means) for getting exposure out there. To me, it’s all about awareness. We have a long way to go but you’ve got to crawl before you walk. It takes time to walk and time to educate. Right now I focus on the awareness which is what you and so many other people do here on Facebook and beyond. Education will come in time.…”

“He should have known better.”

“I was appalled … two drugs were mentioned … band aid! … Ask your endo or rheumo for help? Yah right! Both told me it was all in my head! Yah doctors believe it’s real but I didn’t see any answers about actually helping the patient! Crazy!”

I also heard from trusted colleagues via email:

“Aahhhh!! I’ve seen a couple Dr. Oz shows and expected half-truths. It may interest you to note that Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy used to be the primary treatment for osteopaths, until they joined the traditional medical model and were absorbed by the AMA in the 60’s. Chiropractic and Osteopaths were very similar in their origins. The main difference is the definition and difference between an osteopath’s MANIPULATION (a global movement of the spine), and a chiropractor’s ADJUSTMENT (an adjustment or movement of a specific joint).

This isn’t the time or place to launch into a distinction between the two approaches, but for Dr. Oz (or anyone) to talk about manual movement of the spine (or any joints) and not mention Chiropractic leaves volumes unsaid.”–  Bill Janeshak, DC

I feel that techniques such as Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Chiropractic, Rolfing and other soft tissue and/or structural techniques can be a major benefit to those with Fibromyalgia. However, understanding that if other common challenges are ignored such as those listed below, it’s highly unlikely that the soft tissue or structural techniques alone will provide significant relief.

  • gluten and cross reactive food intolerance
  • gut infections
  • adrenal issues
  • chronic inflammation
  • gut/brain/immune issues
  • emotional suppression and/or chronic stress

Once the body’s challenges are addressed as a whole, the body can begin to heal and rebuild. – Glen Depke, traditional naturopath

My goal here at Rebuilding Wellness has always been to make healing (from fibromyalgia or any other health challenge) LESS FUZZY! My posts, book, blog, workshops, and coaching all brings fibromyalgia into focus. I look forward to sharing more encouraging and supportive posts and news in the future to clarify the vast healing opportunities that are available to us.

We don’t have to accept a grim prognosis with no hope! 

It’s now time for you to share. What’s your biggest question regarding the information that Dr. Oz DIDN’T cover? What treatments have YOU found useful? What would you like to learn more about?

Enter your comments below and share with this wonderful and supportive Rebuilding Wellness Community!


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  1. Thank you Sue for infusing a breath of fresh air to this subject. Far too often mass media shares a snippet of a truth and promotes this as the whole truth and those “buying” into this are often left with their pain and further frustration. Keep up the amazing work Sue!

    Wellness for the world,
    Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

  2. I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, brain fog, hypertension… all the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome, yet I was never near the Middle East. My research has uncovered the sources of these related illnesses, and none of it is being discussed by the medical community. the Department of Defense is solely to blame for these life-threatening illnesses, responsible for selling biological warfare agents to Sadaam Hussein then blowing them up while their troops were showered in the fallout (thus GULF WAR SYNDROME). These biological agents reportedly included ANTHRAX. DoD through Fort Deitrich in Maryland has released biological agents against citizens in several countries, including Canada and the United States ON PURPOSE.
    These include MYCOTOXIN, a biological weapon made to DISABLE the enemy, which also goes by the names MYCOPLASM and MYCOPLASMA. There is your cause, and there is your culprit. NOW DEMAND A CURE, and not a band-aid.

    1. Michael – thanks for your input and you’re not alone. There’s been a lot of talk about the commonalities of Gulf War Syndrome and fibromyalgia. The root causes of each are the same/similar as well. There’s also a lot of broad-based discussions on the relationship between toxins and chronic illness symptoms linked to toxins – including heavy metals, food chemicals, and mycotoxins as you mentioned. You may wish to check out the nationally syndicated program, Know the Cause. I think you’ll find it very informative and supportive! Thanks again.

    1. Andrea, yes, there is and thanks for sharing. So far, there’s some controversy with it (as there is with anything new) and the main concern is that it’s quite pricey. We’ll all be interested to see what happens in the future.

  3. Both my mom and my sister have fibro. My mom was diagnosed in 1999. Not many had heard of it then and she was constantly told by others that it was all in her head. I have some of the symptoms but they are not bad yet so I am waiting as long as possible to go and get it checked out because I saw what my mom and sister went through. Even today most of our family think they are making it up. I’d rather wait as long as possible to go through that.

    1. Nicole — thanks so much for your comment. Waiting to “receive or not receive” your own diagnosis isn’t as important to me as addressing your symptoms now. You have every opportunity to address your symptoms NOW and make sure that you get to feeling better today.

  4. Improving cellular metabolic function is a fantastic way to approach treatment of Fibromyalgia. Numerous supplements have immense benefits targeting cellular metabolism directly. Acetyl L Carnitine, Ubiquinol CoQ10 and Acetyl Glutathione are all nutritional supplements that can be taken to improve cellular metabolic health, promote longevity and substantially improve immune function.

    1. Thanks for your input Jeff! That list can be very helpful for the community here to take to their next visit with their holistic health care providers!

  5. My daughter just saw Dr. Oz show and told me, ” I now understand”. I have been diagnosed for 40yrs. I was shocked that all of this time she did not believe my condition was real. So even though the show was minimally accurate I am glad for this result .

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