May 16


Drop Bad Habits without a Deathbed Confession

By Sue Ingebretson

May 16, 2017

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Are you looking to drop a few bad habits? You know the ones – drinking Pepsi, gobbling down Little Debbie treats, or munching on Doritos. Or maybe you’d like to leave behind or curb habits such as smoking, caffeine shots, or nutritionally-deficient fast foods. Installing good habits can be a powerful remedy. Eating fresh foods, healthy body movement, and stress management protocols are healthy habits to encourage. Are you making the best of your habits?  

And, would the pressure of a loved one’s

deathbed confession move you to action?

Positive Pressure from Negative Circumstances 

That’s what happened to entertainer and singer, Marie Osmond. I recently read an article in FIRST for Women magazine about what motivated her to drop more than 50 pounds and keep it off.

It was more than a simple desire to drop a few pounds. She had a deep and burning desire to get healthy and stay healthy for herself and for her family. She’d slipped into comfortable habits that fueled her unhealthy lifestyle. Her mother’s critical health issues served as a wake-up call.

Here’s what Marie’s mother shared at the end of her life. She pointed out that like mother, like daughter – Marie was known to put the needs of others first. That’s not necessarily a bad trait unless it’s done at the expense of your own health. This is the message Marie’s mother wanted to share most.

“If I could do it over again, I’d take care of me.

Love yourself enough.”[1]Olive Osmond

That’s great advise for us all. The good news is that you don’t need the drama (or trauma) of a deathbed confession to fuel your motivation.

I’ve compiled a list of reasons to fuel your habit change motivation. As you take a look, you’ll probably recognize that you’ve experienced one or more of these experiences. Each one has the power to create motivation and provide a catalyst for making change happen.

I didn’t include the reason of promising something to a dying loved one. That should go without saying (even though I just said it). But, other than that, here are —

SIX Reasons to Drop Bad Habits NOW:

  • Doctors – a stern warning or dire future health prediction from a doctor or medical professional
  • Dates – upcoming social events such as weddings, graduations, class reunions, or other get-togethers
  • Numbers – threshold numbers that we wish to avoid such as a number on the scale, a clothing size, or a medical test bio marker
  • Rock Bottom – you’ve hit the wall of hopelessness and have nowhere else to turn
  • Honest Children – the mouths of babes can utter phrases as eye-opening as they are cringe-worthy. Comments such as, “You sure breathe funny when you run,” or “I don’t think your arms are supposed to look like that when you move,” or “How do they make jeans so big?”
  • Just Because

IMPORTANT NOTE: Reason #6 is a roaring lion and don’t be fooled by its weak kitten-like appearance.

I’ve read more than one account of drug addicts, suicidal down and outs, and desperate felons who claim that they changed their mind and changed their ways for no specific reason.

They just knew it was time

for a 180 degree turn.

You should feel relieved that you don’t need the pressure of a deathbed confession to make a change. Or, in fact, any of the other 6 Reasons to drop an unhealthy habit and pick up a healthy one. You don’t have to WAIT for the right time, place, or situation to take action.

You don’t have to wait for a magical – or mythical – combination of events to happen. You don’t have to wait to feel that the time is right.

Interview Epiphanies

When I do strategy sessions with potential clients, I always ask the all-important question, “Why now?” I want to know why they believe that now is a good time to make a change.

I’ve discovered – to my own surprise – that a vast majority of the time, people report that Reason #6 caused them to take action. They don’t actually say the words, “just because,” but that’s the intent. They often say things such as …

  • I’ve tried everything I can think of on my own and know I need help.
  • I’m tired of taking two steps forward and three steps back. 
  • I want to follow the path of someone who has healed from fibromyalgia and chronic illness.
  • My family is sick and tired of me being sick and tired.
  • I’ve tried so many things and am looking to create results and progress faster than I can on my own.

Do any of these feel true to you?

What Bad Habits Would You Like to Drop?

Let me clarify. I hope you know that I’m using the term “bad” on purpose to make a point. I’m not fond of negative labels, so I’m using the term here to emphasize that some habits help us and others hinder our progress. I’m referring to the type of habits that are less helpful to our overall health goals than others.

A habit that may be “bad”

does not make a person bad.  

Now that you know that distinction, what unhelpful habits would you like to drop?

I encourage you to take a moment right now to jot down a list.

How Can You Get Help?

Teamwork is necessary. Accountability and support are key. Fortunately, getting the help you need may be as close as finding the right resource.

Consider seeking help from the following –  

Integrative Health Coach 

(Long-term support and encouragement of lifestyle changes)

Holistic Nutritionist

(Discover foods that fool and foods that fuel your success)

NLP Master Practitioner

(Uncover and identify self-sabotaging behaviors)

EFT Practitioner

(Radically reduce stress and release negative beliefs)

Clinical Hypnotherapist

(Gain powerful resources and a shortcut to positive change)

The Time is NOW

Wouldn’t it be helpful to find all of these resources in one practitioner?

You’re in luck! As these titles represent some of my certifications, I’m honored to provide services in ALL of these areas and more.

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I’ll assess your health challenges and share with you the 5 Wellness Strategies that are necessary for healing progress.

Together, we’ll discover what may restrict your forward motion as well as what may boost it.

I look forward to making a connection with you!

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