October 23


Dry Skin Remedy for Fibromyalgia

By Sue Ingebretson

October 23, 2018

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Do you have dry skin? Your outer appearance is an obvious part of your fibromyalgia or chronic illness challenge. What about your skin in general? Do you tend to have rashes, itchy patches, breakouts, or hives? These reveal greater-than-skin-deep health challenges.

Ever wonder what’s at the root of dry skin and what can be done?  

Let’s take a quick view of the role of your body’s largest organ (your skin) and how it relates to your health in general. I’ll also share a nifty skin-rejuvenating practice to add to your regular bathing regimen.

I’ll take a guess that it’s one you’re not doing now, so be sure to check it out below.

Fibro Self-Care Missing Pieces

Self-care is a vital part of healing and recovery from fibromyalgia and chronic illness. It sure was an eye-opening experience for me in my healing journey. I had no idea how poor my self-care practices were.

This month, I’ll share info on several vital self-care topics. Not necessarily the ones needed most, but ones that you’re likely not doing; self-care missing pieces.

Other topics in this series include:


(with a practice you’re probably not doing now)


(with an easy remedy)


(with an inexpensive tool you probably don’t even own)


(uncovering hidden risk factors) 

Perhaps you’re simply unaware of these missing pieces. And if so, here’s a flashlight focus. 

Skin Health and Fibromyalgia

A chronically ill body is a toxic body. And, when the body is impacted with chronic health challenges such as fibromyalgia and autoimmune illnesses the detoxification process is slowed.

One way this shows up in our life is through our skin. We may have breakouts of rashes, acne, scaly patches, psoriasis, or more. Any of these challenges can indicate a systemic problem. One that’s greater than skin-deep.

The Skin as a Detoxifying Organ

You already know that your skin is your body’s largest organ. But have you ever heard of it referred to as your third kidney? The skin is such an amazing detoxification organ, that it performs many of the functions that the kidney provides.

Your skin is a body-sized filtration system. It’s often said that the skin is the very last organ to benefit from the nutrients that we consume, yet it’s the first organ to show the effects of nutritional deficiencies, imbalances, and illness.

In other words, the skin tells it like it is!

If you tend toward breakouts, rashes, and itchy patches, etc. take a look at your gut health.

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Gut health is the cornerstone of your health! (I’m certain you already know this, but it’s always worth repeating).

Chronic health challenges are made worse by poor gut health. Whether the gut challenges came first, or the chronic illness – either way, the gut issues must be addressed.

Diet changes, stress management practices, and supplementation of missing micronutrients can go a long way toward restoring and re-establishing balanced intestinal health.

Repairing your gut health

is your first line of defense

to restoring healthy, beautiful skin.

 Consume a healthy diet complete with macronutrients – healthy fats, healthy proteins, healthy veggies. Are you getting enough healthy fats? If you’re not sure, check out this downloadable Fats and Oils Guide to help. 

Are you properly hydrated? Download this handy Hydration Tip sheet for guidance on how and when to drink water throughout the day. 

Gut challenges such as leaky gut, candida, SIBO, parasites, and infections can also pose a challenge. Seek the guidance of a naturopath or a holistic nutritionist to get your gut back on track.

There are even specific foods known for their powerful benefits to promote skin health. Here’s an article I wrote for ProHealth sharing 10 Fibro-Friendly Foods for Beautiful Skin

A Simple Bath-time Skin Remedy Tip to the Rescue!

Now that you’re working on your health from the inside, it’s time to talk about the outside. (Surprisingly, this method also helps with the inside.) This protocol helps the body on every level, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your skin – and the rest of you.

 Detoxification with Dry Skin Brushing

Skin brushing (or dry skin brushing) has been practiced since ancient times. It’s not only for dry skin, although it helps. The name refers to the use of a dry brush.

Dry skin brushing is a method of sweeping a dry-bristled brush across the skin in a methodical way. Often done before bathing, it takes only about five minutes to complete.

Here are just a few benefits that dry skin brushing can provide:

► Improved circulation

► Regulated body temperature

► Toxin elimination

► Stimulating oil glands increasing skin’s health and elasticity

► Stimulating the lymphatic system which is a key component to boosting immune health

Because this activity costs no more than your time and a small investment in the brush itself, what do you have to lose?

If you aren’t convinced to try it just yet, here are a few more benefits you may enjoy as a result of dry skin brushing:

► Reduction in visible cellulite & bruising

► Balanced hormone production

► Improved muscle tone

► Improved digestion

► Boost to the nervous system (important for those with chronic illness!)

To learn more about dry skin brushing, there are gobs of videos and articles to peruse. Here are just a few of my favs.

6-Minute Dry Skin Brushing Video  

More data and info on Dry Skin Brushing 

To help a little further, here’s a link to an Amazon page that offers a variety of dry skin brushes to purchase. This is NOT an affiliate link and I’m not compensated in any way should you choose to make a purchase.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on a topic that’s obvious to us all. What are your favorite skin-friendly foods? Have you ever tried dry skin brushing and what benefits have you experienced?


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