December 10


Unwrap an Energy Boost This Holiday Season!

By Sue Ingebretson

December 10, 2013

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unwrap-an-energy-boost-this-holiday-seasonYou can’t bump into a neighbor, friend, or co-worker and discuss the holidays without the conversation turning toward the theme of exhaustion. Energy depletion is a common complaint. As a fibromyalgia and chronic illness symptom, fatigue (a.k.a. a general lack of energy) is a given … but, trying to perk up at this time of year?


When seeking an energy boost, you might look to crank it up with the artificial stuff. Caffeine is the drug of choice for many, but the side-effects are a killer. Take a pass on the “energy” drinks and all that fake nonsense.

As a healthier option, look no further than your local produce section. Nothing amps up your energy resources like the vital nutrients found in dark leafy greens and green veggies including

·         Spinach

·         Kale

·         Swiss chard

·         Bok choy

·         Broccoli

·         Brussels sprouts

·         Artichokes

There are plenty of other options, too, that  rank high on the energy producing foods list such as –

·         Blueberries

·         Tart Cherries

·         Pomegranates

·         Kiwi

·         Citrus fruits

·         Apricots

·         Dried plums

·         Quinoa

·         Lentils

·         Sweet Potatoes

·         Salmon

·         Almonds, Macadamia, Walnuts, and Brazil nuts

·         Figs

·         Dates

·         Coconut

·         Chia, Flax, Pumpkin, Sesame, and Hemp seeds

·         Dark chocolate (yay!)

·         Spices such as Cinnamon, Turmeric, etc. (think Curry)

·         Fresh Ginger

       Additionally, implement the following three powerhouse suggestions and you’ll get through the weeks ahead with your energy levels (not to mention your sanity) fully intact!

1) Stay hydrated – Many people walk around in an unintentional state of dehydration which is SO exhausting! Drink plenty of clean, filtered, and life-affirming water.

2) Get fanatical for fitness – You heard me. Moving your tired body GIVES you energy, it doesn’t take it away. Nothing boosts your energy levels and gives you the mental clarity benefits like a routine fitness regimen.

        3) Skip the junk – Nothing tears the body down faster than filling it with artificial pseudo fuels. Filling up on fake junk foods, fast foods, sugary foods, and packaged foods is the SINGLE FASTEST WAY TO SABOTAGE YOUR BODY’S STORES OF ENERGY. Pseudo foods make your body work harder than it needs to. Give it what it needs, and your body will say thank you!

Now that you know how foods and fitness affect your body’s ability to manufacture (or become depleted of) energy, you’re armed with exactly what you need to unwrap your own energy boost for this holiday season.

For additional tips on how to resist the sugary madness of the holidays – as well as a tasty Fibro-Friendly Fudgy Recipe – check out my 10 Tips to Tame Holiday Treats article which is currently featured on the site.

Got holiday energy-boosting tips of your own? Or energy zappers? Please share!



Sue Ingebretson

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  1. Dear. Sue. Hello.
    I. Have. A. Medical. Question. I. Have. Developed. This. Symptom. After. I. Got. F.m.s. I. Know. People. With. F.m.s. Are. Sensitive. To.
    Cold , but. Mine. Is. Different. I. Don’t. Just. Have. Sensitivity. But. I. Get. Very. Sick. When. Exposed. To. Cold. Or AC. For. Long. Hrs.
    Like. When. Working. In. A. Place. That. They. AC. Kept. In. A. Low. Temp. Or. Traveling. And. Have. To. Wait. In. A Cold. Airport. Or. Airplane. For. Long. Time , Any. Way. Then. The. Next. Day. I. Get. Very. Sick. Not. Only. I. Have. Sever. Muscle. Pain. And. Facial. Pain. As. If. My. Face. Bones. Have. Been. Fractured. But.
    Even. That. Is. Not. Out of. Ordinary. For. Having. F.m.s. The. Problem. That. I. Have. Is. That. The. Cold. Penetrates. Into. My. Intestine. And. Then. My. Abdomen. Feels. Very. Hot. And. Starts. Palpating. I. Lose. My. Appetite. Completely. And. Even. After. A. Sip. Of. Water. Or. Anything. I. Get. Sick. To my. Stomach. Again. My. Heart. Also. Palpitates. Strongly. And. I. Feel. Very. Weak. And. And. Get. Depressed. Till. I. Get better. And. The. Only. Way. That. I. Get. Better. Is. To rest. And. Eat. As. Little. As. Possible. To. Let. My.
    Intestines. To. Rest. And. Recover . But.even Without. Involvement.
    Of. My. Intestine. Cold. Really. Bothers. Me. I. Can not. Go. Outside
    In. The. Winter. And. In. The. Summer. I. Can,t. Go. Even. To. Grocery. Stores. Because. Of. AC . Even. Walking. In. The. Room
    Hurts. My. Nose. Tril. I. Was. Wondering. If. You. Have. Heard. Of. Any. One. Having. This. Problem. My. Thyroid. Is. Normal. With. Regular. Testing. But. A. Little. Low. With. Other. Tests. That. Go. Deeper. But. Not. So. Low. For. Me. To. Get. This. Sick . I. Know. My
    Adrenaline. Is. On. Stresss. Level. 3. Because. Of. Stress. That. I. Have. Been. Through.
    I. Am. Sorry. For. Taking. So. Much. Of. Your. Time. And. Thank. You. For. Your. Time.


    1. Malihe – I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this awful pain and frustration and I understand how limiting it can me. Your symptoms make perfect sense to me, by the way. Your reaction to cold, is the same as everyone else -except yours is amplified by the way your body works. We are each different. Those of us who have fibromyalgia become super-sensitive to many things. Some people can’t stand any noise at all. Any sound (that others wouldn’t even think of as loud) may feel startling or jarring to those fibro people. Other fibro people are super-sensitive to foods. That varies, too. Some have a little reaction, some have a lot. For you, you’re sensitive to the change in temperature that causes a chill. And, you’re not just sensitive, you’re super sensitive. Without going into too much detail, what happens for you is a big amplification of your response because you expect it, you’ve experienced it before, you’re frustrated with it, and it has become a large roadblock in your life. I know that I could help you and I could also point you in the direction of others who can, too. Please feel free to email me for more information. For now, please know that you’re not alone. There may be other diagnoses to add to your fibromyalgia diagnosis (such as Sjogren’s Syndrome) but the bottom line, is that you need to find treatments that help your BODY deal with the stress response.

    2. Hey Malih you poor feel exactly like me since my childhood I suffer from the cold. Cold really hurts and your worst enemy 🙁

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