February 21


The Environment of Habit

By Sue Ingebretson

February 21, 2017

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How do your environment and surroundings shape your habits? Can your environment directly change your behavior? As one of the three main factors that creates change, take the following Environment of Habit Quiz to find out more.

To assess the impact of your environment on your potential to develop healthy habits, check out the quiz, but first let’s dig into a bit more detail. The following are the three factors that shape your ability to create new and healthy habits.

3 Factors to Influence Healthy Habits

According to B.J. Fogg, PhD – the Tiny Habits guy – there are three main factors that influence behavior change.

  • You can wait for an epiphany to happen (a little difficult to facilitate)
  • You can change your environment, or
  • You can make your new, desired habits so small that you can’t fail

To learn more about the small, tiny, or micro step method of habit change, check out the following post. It reveals how micro habits can impact your ability to reduce pain, find restorative sleep, and increase your energy.

Rather than skip factor #2, let’s take a deeper look.

The Environment Factor of Habit 

Environment might not be your go-to solution for habit change, but it does bear some evaluation. When looking at your environment factor what do you think of? Perhaps what comes to mind is your physical location. There’s more to it than this limited view. As any good reporter would share, this topic bears investigation in a broader sense.

The Environment of Habit Quiz:

Who, What, When, Where, How, and WHY

When it comes to your environment —

Who do you choose to surround you?

What do you choose to read, watch, experience, and listen to?

When do you find yourself most vulnerable to unhealthy behaviors?

Where do you feel most aligned to healthy habits/where do you feel most aligned to unhealthy habits?

How do you choose to interpret what you experience (the meanings you attach)?

WHY do you want to make healthy habit changes?

Of course, the last question is likely the most powerful.

Have you ever tried to set a habit that didn’t stick? Of course you have! This happens to all of us, but not everyone digs in to find out why. This is what makes us different (not to mention, successful).

Ask yourself, WHY

Twirl on the WHY question from the quiz and you may find out some very interesting things. Such as, you may find that the habit you were trying to adopt wasn’t for you at all. Perhaps you were trying to please someone else or make a point. No wonder it didn’t stick. Or, you may find that the habit didn’t take hold because you had a very vague (instead of specific) sense of why you wanted it.

Ambiguity and vagueness are the death knell
of dreams, desires, and habit change.

Who knows? Paying attention to your answers to this quiz may cause you to have an epiphany 😉

What did you learn by taking this quiz? Share your insights below.

And, for more information on breaking down the steps of habit change, check out this article.

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