August 11


How to Get Expert Health Advice for Free

By Sue Ingebretson

August 11, 2015

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How to Get Expert Health Advice for FreeDo you listen to the most important and trusted health and wellness expert regarding your well-being goals? Do you pay attention, take notes, and hang on the sage advice that’s shared? If you think I’m talking about experts such as Doctor Oz (or any other doctor for that matter), think again. Who’s the most trusted expert when it comes to YOUR health?

It’s YOU!

YOU are the expert when it comes to –

  • Your own body
  • Your awareness of how you feel
  • Your personal understanding of what you need

How do you know what’s best for you? There are numerous ways to tap into your own inner guide – and they all can prove powerfully productive. I help my clients discover a variety of tools to fine-tune this ability, and I’ve chosen to share one quickie with you here.

How can you harness the inner knowledge that you already have?

Take a BREAK.

If you’d like to get your brain to fire on all cylinders, you need to allow it to do so. The irony is that when we have the least amount of time to do this – we need it the most.

By taking an intentional break, we allow our internal guide (and our intuition) some breathing space. At its core, your inner guide or expert is a problem-solver. When given the opportunity, it goes to work searching for solutions, answers, opportunities, possibilities, and potential. It’s always looking for ways to excel, achieve, and succeed.

Isn’t that fantastic news? 

When I’m stressed out to the max (of course it happens to us all), I remind myself to take a break. I know that my frazzled state isn’t productive and that I’m too close to the problem to see my way out.

So, I do what I need to do. I take a break so that I can touch base with my own inner health expert. When do I have my greatest “ah-ha” moments regarding my health, my relationships, and my business? While walking, rebounding, stretching, and doing gentle yoga and tai chi moves. I also find repetitive motion beneficial from activities such as crocheting, stitching, or putting together jigsaw puzzles.

You cannot get better results than by getting your body to move in some way. Do you see a connection? Here’s the paradox:

We become mindful

when we do something mindless.

I won’t deny that trying to take a break, slow down, and relax when we’re going 90 miles an hour with our hair on fire is a wee bit annoying.

But let me ask you this, “How annoying is the current problem you’re twirling on? How fruitful are endless loops of negative mental chatter?”

If what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s time to try something else. Even for just a bit. Turn your ARGH into an AHHH by giving your brain a bit of a breather. Shut off your monkey mind in order to find peace of mind.

Your inner expert has lots to share. You’ll be amazed at the thoughts that pop into your mind when you give yourself a break. You may think of a friend to call who has just the right thing to say (or, perhaps she’s in need and you have just the right thing to say). You may suddenly remember a referral someone gave you ages ago that you could use right now. You may think of a food, a recipe, or a kitchen tip you want to try. You may think of a book you’d like to read or re-read, or a fitness video that you’d like to dust off.

You may think of a great way to achieve a goal you’ve set for yourself. Or, perhaps, you recognize that all-important next step you’d like to take toward your goal. You may sort out the details of a business plan you’ve been working on. You may fine-tune how to word a conversation that could help to mend a relationship misunderstanding.

You may notice a shift in your fibromyalgia or chronic illness pain levels. You’ll become aware of your slowed and regular breathing. You feel present in the “now.”

Pay attention to everything that pops up when you take a break.

Thoughts aren’t always word specific. You may simply feel inclined to try something new or to re-try something that you didn’t find helpful in the past. You may feel encouraged, inspired, or more positive in general. Or, you may simply feel less anxious. Don’t overlook the simple things. Feeling less anxious is a triumph, too.

What sage wisdom would your inner expert like to impart? Would you please share your thoughts below and help to build this supportive Rebuilding Wellness community?

Go right ahead! Go ahead and share your thoughts – right after you take a break, of course!

  1. Thanks again, Sue, for another great post. I find that when I get out of my apartment and take a walk I physically leave a lot of the turmoil behind me. It’s great to be outdoors and I enjoy walking. The change in my surroundings and the activity take my mind off of myself. It is then I am more in touch with my body and my feelings. Body, mind and spirit meld and I get some of my best insights.

  2. Great post Sue! I know I don’t allow myself enough time to rest. And you’re right, it’s so important to our health and mental well-being. Thanks for sharing and giving us the reminder to rest and rejuvenate!

    1. So happy to serve as the reminder 😉 Relax and take an intentional path toward making your health a priority!

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