September 27


Explain Your Fibromyalgia Pain

By Sue Ingebretson

September 27, 2010

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When asked, as a fibromyalgia blogger, to interview Jenni Prokopy from, I jumped at the opportunity. Jenni is a friend from twitter and a valuable resource in the fibromyalgia and chronic illness community. Recently, Jenni has been involved in an “Explain Your Pain” campaign which is designed to educate and assist patients seeking diagnostic and treatment help.

You know the drill, you don’t feel well, you can barely get dressed much less drag yourself to yet another doctor visit – but there you are. You sit in the waiting room noticing your unmatched socks and you wonder if this is the visit where you’ll finally get the answers you’re looking for. You have a myriad of questions and when you finally see the doctor, you can’t think of a single one of them.

This scenario is far too common. Going to the doctor with a chronic pain condition takes a chronic approach, so look no further than Chronic Babe, Jenni Prokopy. Working with, Jenni has developed a handy checklist for you to take to your next doctor’s appointment. You can find that downloadable Checkup-Checklist here as well as many other resources:

In my short call-in interview with Jenni, we discuss how the education and treatment opportunities for fibromyalgia patients have changed since we were each diagnosed. Watch the video here!

If you prefer, or for whatever reason can’t access the video player, you can also click here to see the video:
  1. I enjoyed watching the video of Jenni and have visited her website on occasion.

    At the beginning of my search for what ails me; I thought the doctors should have found the solution to my odd symptoms. After 2 years of going for tests, surgeries and all kinds of doctors; I talked with my long time friend who described what her daughter has – fibromyalgia.

    We didn’t have a computer at the time so my husband went to his brother’s house and looked it up. We took the printouts to my next doctor appointment and he sent me on to a rheumatologist.

    I have learned to be the CEO of my health. Whenever I have questions I write them down on a piece of paper to take along to my appointment, I have asked for blood tests for this or that and I’m not afraid of telling a doctor what I think. He/she has the credentials however; I am the one who lives with this illness each and every day. Sometimes, I think we actually educate them. 🙂

  2. Wonderful comment, Brenda! You’re so right on. I often talk about putting on your own team captain hat. It takes that type of direction to find answers for our difficult health questions. I’m very glad you became your own CEO and I’m sure you’re healthier for it!

  3. Loved the interview – did you do this with YouTube?

    I am thinking that the checklists are useful for any disorder, as we need to make sure that everyone becomes the CEO of their own health. Definitely is good for chronic illness, but also when faced with cancer as well, or just the regular checkup situation. Often get out of office and think, I forgot to mention that mole that has been troubling me – ahh well it can wait.


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