April 15


Is THIS Factor Making You Sick?

By Sue Ingebretson

April 15, 2014

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Is THIS Factor Making You Sick?

Adrenal-Summit-StressDo you get sick often? What about your resistance to catching colds, flu, and infections? For many with fibromyalgia and chronic illness, staying healthy is a daily struggle. And, the factor relating to your adrenal health that we’ll discuss below isn’t helping.


Speaking of adrenal health and the immune system, I hope you’ve already checked out last week’s post on the topic of what – exactly – can tank your immune system. I asked for your vote on which of the 10 issues was the most impactful for you. (Thanks to so many of you who have responded!) If you haven’t seen it yet, would like a review, or would like a chance to vote, check it out here – Immune System Risks.


I plan to let the votes accumulate for at least another week before I declare a winner. Sometimes things just need to percolate a bit.


But, if I were to tally the votes now, it would appear to be a landslide in favor of one concern in particular.  


And, that concern is, STRESS.




Probl’y not.


Stress is a topic that we can discuss in this post and many to follow. In fact, I do talk about it in much greater detail in my Adrenal Summit interview with Glen Depke. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so right away so that you don’t miss my talk — which will be featured tomorrow!


You can register here: www.AdrenalSummit.com


What would you miss out on if you don’t catch my interview?


Of course, you’ll miss my conversation about the connections between chronic stress and chronic illness and many other health-related topics. But here’s a You-Heard-it-Here-First-Folks announcement for you, my Rebuilding Wellness community:


I’ve written an ebook on the topic of

stress and chronic illness just for you!


The link to this NEW 23 page guide entitled, Is Stress Making You Sick? will be provided below my interview link in tomorrow’s Adrenal Summit web page. So, look for the email to come tomorrow morning from Glen and make sure you don’t miss out.


Don’t forget! Tomorrow is your opportunity to get TWO bonuses from me. You can listen in to my Adrenal Summit interview as well as find a link that will let you get your hands on my FREE downloadable Is Stress Making You Sick guide. You don’t want to miss the information, quizzes, and assessments that that this little gem has to offer.


Here’s your recap:


1) Review last week’s post on your Immune System Risk Factors and vote for what affects you the most!

2) Register for the Adrenal Summit if you haven’t done so already

3) Listen to my interview tomorrow and download YOUR free copy of the Is Stress Making You Sick guide 


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Stop-Feeding-Yourself-PAINWant to see what PAIN has to do with your breakfast? Grab your free Stop Feeding Yourself PAIN guide here, and find out today!


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Afton Hassett Cal State Fullerton

If you’re in the Southern California area this weekend, be sure to attend the “Resilience in the Face of Chronic Pain” event at Cal State University, Fullerton. Click HERE to see a flyer with more information and to register for this FREE event. 

  1. I have toned down the stress a great deal by mainly not letting it get me down no matter what. Relinquishing control of what I have no control of has helped as well. In order to heal more fully, I have had to pull back and pace with grace. I make decisions based on what will either help or hinder me. Brave new world for me. I usually do not get many colds or the flu. Believe the vitamins, exercise, rest, and better attitude are all working together for good. I am getting there though it has been an uphill battle.

    1. Julie — while your journey has been uphill, it sounds like you’ve hit level ground. It’s a tough transition to go from “battle” to grace, but it’s so worth it, and it sounds like you’ve done it well. Thanks for sharing!

      1. Thank you for your tender words of encouragement. I find it most helpful to be understood and love the expression of ‘it’s a tough transition to go from ‘battle’ to grace.” There are so many layers as well. But I retain hope.

        1. Julie — you can’t get a better understanding than hearing from someone who’s “been there.” We’ve both “been there” together 😉

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