May 4


Fibro Flares and Flash Summit Sale!

By Sue Ingebretson

May 4, 2016

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Today’s FLASH info is worth waiting for! Do you wish you had a way to stop a fibro flare BEFORE it happens? That’s like stopping a hammer mid-swing before you hit your thumb. Even though all flares cannot be prevented, there’s still a lot to learn. Let’s take a look at NINE reasons for fibro flares and how we can learn to stay healthy from the top Fibromyalgia experts. Such a deal!

My blog has come out consistently for more than 6 years every Tuesday – yet today is Wednesday. Why the delay? Read on to find an exciting opportunity that’s available ONLY for TODAY and TOMORROW.

But first, let’s get back to the topic of flares. Have you ever done something minor – silly even – and ended up in a symptom flare? Seems nutty, doesn’t it? The slightest thing can set us off into a spiral of increased symptoms.

That’s exactly what set me off to write this post. I read about a woman who had a minor slip up and then ended up in a fibro flare. She wondered if there was a connection. The simple answer? YES!

Yes, a trip, a fall, catching yourself before you fall, etc. – all of these things can contribute to a flare. And, there’s much more to learn. Here’s The Top NINE Reasons For a Fibro Flare which can help to fill in the blanks regarding flare triggers that you’ve probably already wondered about.

And, now read on for this week’s special offer:

This is an opportunity worth waiting for!

If you’d like to know more about preventing fibro flares, healing from fibromyalgia, and turning your life around – then listen to these TOP Fibromyalgia Experts! The Fibromyalgia Summit is coming VERY soon, so don’t miss out. Register now if you haven’t already. And, for TODAY and TOMORROW ONLY – you can use this special code — FIBRO49to purchase the entire Fibromyalgia Summit recordings for only $49 (regularly $69). PLUS you’ll automatically be entered to win a sample pack of The System by Stacy – Protein Powder (worth over $125!).

There’s no other code necessary to be entered to win. You’re automatically eligible if you purchase during this FINAL FLASH SALE.  

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