November 14


Fibro Flu Season Fixes

By Sue Ingebretson

November 14, 2017

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The flu season is upon us, but what can we do? Fibro flu season fixes are needed for those whose coughs, colds, flu, and sniffles linger, and linger. Well, no longer! Check out the immune system fixes listed below.

In this final post of this series (part 2 of 2), you’ll discover at least a dozen ways to support the immune system. Why not take action and make this your healthiest holiday season ever?  Fibro Flu Season Fixes

Reminding you of last week’s post, there are several reasons that the immune system can be challenged at this time of year. Click on this link to review the Fibro Flu Season Causes and Links.

*As I mentioned in that post, it’s preferable to keep the immune system strong in three fundamental ways: 1) avoiding or limiting sugar consumption, 2) getting adequate sleep, and 3) dealing with stress.

But our preferences aren’t always what happens in real life. Right?

It’s a good thing the body is so adaptable.

If you’re getting back into the swing of your healthy routines after some weeks (or months) of inconsistencies, there’s good news here. The body can quickly recover from the dietary and behavioral roadblocks we’ve thrown in its way.

We can step up our nutrition routines, get back to the gym, and respect our beneficial bedtimes. That’s great as far as the basics are concerned. But what about a few specifics?

Try out any number of the following practices in order to build up and fortify your immune system. They’re all valuable remedies and I’d like to point out they’re listed in no particular order of importance.

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Ways to Boost the Fibromyalgia Immune System

  • Relaxation techniques – Deep breathing, yoga, tai chi, walking, and stretching can be amazingly beneficial. Notice that some of these relaxation techniques are great fitness activities as well. I love getting double duty from my efforts!
  • Digestive health – A healthy digestion system EQUALS a strong immune system. They’re one in the same. You can’t have a strong immune system without an optimized digestive system. Help yourself along by taking quality probiotics, digestive enzymes, and additional supplements as suggested by your personal health care practitioner. Of course, reduce sugar and processed foods to reduce inflammation and intestinal sluggishness.
  • Prayer / Meditation – This is the single most important step when it comes to stress relief. Interestingly, those who incorporate prayer and meditation practices into their lives also find improvements in their memory abilities, as well as in the quality of their sleep.[1]
  • Water – Drink plenty of clean, filtered, pure, fresh water. Eliminate and/or reduce sugary and fake sweetened beverages. Proper hydration helps with digestion, toxin removal, pain relief, and even mood.
  • Good gut foods – Consume healthy soups, broths, homemade fermented foods, leafy greens and fiber-rich veggies. Help your digestive system do what it does best – absorb the nutrients it needs.
  • Laughter – There’s no better stress relief than a great belly laugh. Watch a sitcom, silly pet videos, or simply engage with a funny friend. Getting the giggles might be the best Rx you take today.
  • Antioxidants – Colorful, nutrient-dense, fiber-rich veggies can really help your body to fight off infections and keep you full of energy. 
  • Fitness – There’s no better way to detox the body, elevate mood, and improve digestive function than through body movement. Move within your own range of motion and find a variety of activities that are fun and interesting.
  • Essential oils – There are various essential oils and blends that can help with each of the immune system destroyers listed in this article. As a suggestion, try these basic oils – either alone or blended with others:
    • Stress – lavender, lemon, orange, or peppermint
    • Sleep – vetiver, bergamot, lavender
    • Stress/Mood – lavender, lemon, orange, peppermint, cinnamon
  • Sunshine – Nature’s sunshine is a great way to create and absorb much-needed vitamin D into our bodies. Practice planned and limited sun exposure daily. Get outside, take a deep breath and enjoy the rays. Just 15 minutes or so can prove restorative.
  • Massage – As a great relaxer, a massage can help to tame tension, detoxify the body, and improve overall mood. Find a good local practitioner and be sure to schedule your next appointment before you leave your current one. That’s a great way to keep on track.
  • Gratitude – This is a great time of year to begin a gratitude practice. Gratitude and giving thanks are proven gateways to increasing your happiness factor.[2] Also, to learn more about gratitude and the brain, check out this article  Grateful Brain.”
  • Contribution – No matter what level of ability or disability you fall into, wanting to feel useful, connected, and of value is a basic human desire. Are you socially connected or do you feel isolated? Finding ways to contribute to your community or the world around you can have far-reaching physical, as well as emotional, benefits.

Are you ready to address the impact that sugar, sleep, and stress have on your body and your immune system? Create a plan to address all three – by taking one small step at a time.

Do you find yourself getting sick this time of year? What solutions and fixes have you tried? Which are your favorites? Share in the comments below and add your voice to this valuable Rebuilding Wellness community.




  1. Great article Sue! A few weeks ago I caught my first cold since before working with you on my healthy living journey ….how many years ago? In the past I would end up at the doctors office with a sinus infection and walk out with some strong antibiotics! This time I took some extra Vitamin C, drank a lot of lemon water and got plenty of sleep! My cold was over in 3-4 days…a record for me! I am forever grateful for all I learned from you! Half of my kindergarten class has been coughing for weeks now and although I don’t want to jinx myself….I have not caught it thanks to all you taught me about a healthy lifestyle! Thanks Sue! Keep the helpful articles coming!

    1. Thanks Julie! It’s always wonderful to hear from you. You’ve built a strong immune system from your amazing willingness to change how and what you eat. I’m so happy for you and you’re living the full benefit of natural healing!

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