January 16


Fibro Health Plan Steps – 3

By Sue Ingebretson

January 16, 2018

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Grab a pencil! Here’s your Fibro Health Plan Steps. It’s time to take action and discover the steps needed to make your plan a reality. Ready for change? Ready for health and healing? Ready to take action this year?

Fibro Health Plan Steps 

We’ve contemplated how and why to create a plan as well as how to design it and map it out. It’s now time to dig in and make it happen.

It’s as easy as taking a few steps.

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Goal-Setting Basics

To help point you toward a positive and healthy future, here are a few simple tips to writing effective goals.

  1. Write them down. Yes, you must. (By hand is best. Don’t miss out on that kinesthetic connection between your hand and your words.)
  2. I’m sure you’ve heard of this step – it’s helpful to write your goals using a S.M.A.R.T. format. Make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.
  3. Use positive and “toward” language — meaning, write what you do want rather than what you don’t want.
  4. Write them in the present tense. (i.e., “It is now March 1st and I am ….”)
  5. Keep them flexible. Change is inevitable and flexibility keeps you on track. Tip: Write in pencil 😉
  6. Make sure to SIGN YOUR GOALS list in ink. Commit to yourself!
  7. Make ‘em vivid and juicy! Include every sense when writing your goals. What will you see, hear, taste, smell, or touch when you achieve them?
  8. Keep in mind that it’s about the process and not about perfection. If a goal requires adherence to 100% follow-through, revise it to make allowances for real-life scenarios.

More Goal-Setting Resources

If you’d like to clarify what a sharp and specific goal can look like, check out this post: How to Lose Your Fuzzy Goals and Get Sharp! 

Here’s more information on how tapping into your core values can enhance your goals and motivation. Included is a link to a free downloadable Core Values Chart and a link to a free Motivational Poster. 

Did you get a FitBit for Christmas? Any sort of tracking method – including a FitBit – can prove very effective when it comes to sticking with your health goals. If you’re looking to achieve that 10,000 step landmark goal, you may wish to check out this, Do You Really Need 10,000 Steps?

And, here’s a big myth that may keep you stuck: falling short of a goal is failure. Not so! Falling short of a goal still means you experienced overall gain. In fact, it’s gain you wouldn’t have had without setting a goal. Enjoy this article from Michael Hyatt that details this and four other often-told myths about goal-setting.

Bonus Goal-Setting Benefits

Writing out your personalized health goals has one more surprising benefit. Using them as a roadmap to your healthy future prevents mental fatigue!

For those of us who dither over making decisions (who, me?), having things planned and mapped out can really be an effective time-saver. It’s much easier to decide on tasks, meals, outings, projects, and priorities when you have an overall map to follow.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You may jot down a few goals for the New Year or write out paragraphs in exquisite detail. It’s up to you. But, please do write them.

Excuse me for mixing my roadmap and nautical navigational metaphors, but Oliver Wendell Holmes said it so well …

“We must sail sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it –

but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


*This article is my original work and first appeared at ProHealth.com. It is reprinted with kind permission and may be viewed HERE. 

Take Action NOW!

Are you ready to create your own map?

Take a minute to review the two previous steps in this series –

Part 1: Fibro Health Plan Creation

Part 2: Fibro Health Plan Design

What’s your favorite way to plan?

Do you have successful (and not so successful) stories to share? Leave a comment below for the rest of this Rebuilding Wellness community to build upon. Your comment may be exactly what someone else needs to see today.

Do you have questions on creating your own health plan? Let me help! Get the support you need and contact me here.  Let’s start a conversation about getting your plan firmly in place.


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