December 8


Win Back Your Edge Summit – Encore Fibro Weight Loss

By Sue Ingebretson

December 8, 2020

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Would you like an encore opportunity to view the Win Back Your Edge Summit? So many amazing speakers gave their best tips on a wide variety of topics including fibro, chronic illness, weight loss and management, energy-boosting skills, fitness, and lifestyle support.

Fortunately, I was included as a speaker in this fun and informative summit.

My topics? Chronic Illness, Weight loss, Energy, and more! Don’t miss out.

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The Win Back Your Edge Summit – Encore Opportunity

This summit series brings together 15 experts from their respective fields to deliver the information you need to start regaining your edge!

In this limited-time FREE encore presentation, learn from the experts on how you can not only lose weight, but also deal with the mental aspects of weight management, fitness, and much more.

You’ll walk away from this FREE limited-time online encore presentation with more tools and takeaways than you could ever imagine so that you can:

  • Start losing weight and keep it off! 
  • Understand how you’re going to change your state of mind to support long-term weight and fitness goals
  • Realize your own power to heal yourself.
  • Learn the connection between your body, mind, and spirit to reach your full potential

My friend and colleague, Andreas Zapletal (Zap), has created a single resource for you, where you can receive all the tools YOU need to feel your best and regain your edge. Andreas has personally lived through this experience, having lost 100lbs. He’s become a marathoner and ultra-marathoner all while continuing to build his career successes.

He wants to share his newly gained knowledge with you!

Many of the experts on this summit have dealt with their own limiting experiences related to weight and health issues. They’ve joined together to share their personal stories of hope and inspiration.

Andreas has brought together 15 Top Level experts, including me.

These experts are from diverse fields and truly want to help people lose weight and REGAIN THEIR EDGE. This summit features  —

  • Doctors
  • Nutritionists
  • Fitness Experts
  • Well-known Published Authors, and
  • Speakers

All with decades of experience, sharing this “virtual podium” to give YOU the answers you’ve been looking for. Many openly share their own journeys and amazing personal stories.

If you want to become EMPOWERED, to feel great, and live the life you dream of, go ahead and click the link below. 


You’ll walk away from this FREE online event with hours of inspiration, education, tools, and free gifts. 

Decide that you are WORTH it and follow the link to sign up for your own viewing opportunity.

 Win Back Your Edge Summit – Encore Presentation

I’m grateful for Andreas’s invitation to speak at this FREE online event. And I’m appreciative and excited to share the virtual stage with this list of amazing experts.


 Sign up now and get Andreas’s free bonus. His brand new 30 Days of Whole Food Plant-Based Recipes ebook just for joining us!

This event starts December 14th so click HERE to get access now. 

P.S. Feel free to share this transformative message with friends! You never know whose life may be touched by this information.  Simply send them this link so they can enjoy free access to the summit too! 

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