May 22


Fibromyalgia Awareness – Step Into My Shoes

By Sue Ingebretson

May 22, 2018

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What message do you believe is important regarding fibromyalgia awareness? What do you want to share? And, what information do you wish someone would share with you? 

Here’s another thought. What would you like others to know (and feel) if they could step into your fibromyalgia shoes?

Here are the three key points I’d like to share in the interest of Fibromyalgia Awareness. At the end of this post, I have a sweet offer. I’ve written a very popular letter about fibromyalgia (I’m so grateful for shares!). It explains things in a simple and easy to understand way. You can download this letter to share with anyone (friends, family, co-workers, doctors, practitioners, and acquaintances) who could benefit from a better understanding of what you deal with every day.

Take a gander at my three Fibromyalgia Awareness points and then grab your free letter that explains fibromyalgia to others so you can share.

 ONE: When it comes to Fibromyalgia, Everyone’s an Expert

And, that’s the truth.

You ARE an expert in you. You know, better than anyone, what’s working and what isn’t.

You’re the only one who can choose to pay attention to every burp, sniffle, spasm, and pain that goes on in your body. Paying attention to symptoms is the first step, and tracking them takes this awareness to the next level.

This accumulated info helps to paint a portrait of what’s going on in your chronic illness body. Track your reactions to foods, surrounding environments, external exposures, and even to others who influence you.

These all have an impact.

Learning how YOUR body reacts is the first step in becoming your own fibromyalgia expert.

TWO: There’s No One Single Fibromyalgia Solution

We’re complex creatures.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s also not surprising that there’s no magic pill, potion, or product that can fix fibromyalgia.

We can’t swallow our way to wellness.

Foods can go a LONG way toward healing, but they’re not the only solution.

The fibromyalgia body is desperate for healthy, whole, healing Nutrition. Removing processed food-like products and adding in nutrient-rich natural foods can help the body to build a stronger immune system and pave the way toward wellness.

But there’s more.

The body also needs to address toxic exposures and inflammation. One of the best – not to mention very efficient – ways to do this is through Body Movement. Becoming active (in whatever way works for you) helps the body to detox, build strength, and improve cognitive function.

Lastly, stress, trauma, anxiety, and sleep issues must be addressed. The Emotional Wellness aspect of this approach can begin to restore balance in these areas by reducing the body’s response to constant, chronic stress.

I call these three main areas of focus, The Restoration Trio.

All THREE areas must be addressed in order to assist the body to heal. By removing what prevents healing, and adding in what brings healing, the body can begin to restore balance.

To read more about the Restoration Trio – and about ENERGY, in particular, check out this article: Energy, a Balancing Act. This informative article shares dozens of ways to boost – as well as destroy – your energy levels.

THREE: You Can Heal On Your Own (but why would you?)

Fibromyalgia is a complex condition. Healing and recovering from the damage caused by fibromyalgia is also complex.

But, it’s not rocket science.

I did it on my own. And, I know you can, too.

It’s SO important to me to share this that I want to shout it from the rooftops. Your body is ready, willing, and able to find its own level of healing. Contrary to what you may hear at your doctor’s office, you DO have what it takes to figure out your own path.

Recovery looks different for each of us.

The levels to which you recover are unique to you. Some find a reduction in all symptoms and others find more of a percentage of relief. Meaning their symptoms are still there but to a lesser degree.  

Personally, my fibromyalgia pain levels vary from none to perhaps 5 or 10% of what they once were. During periods of stress (such as moving!) or when I’ve done something silly and injured myself, my pain can flare. But it’s nowhere near what it once was.

That’s just fine by me.

Fibromyalgia still exists in my body; it’s just more polite. It no longer knocks me flat. Instead, it taps me on the shoulder and lets me know when I’m not taking care of myself.

Fifteen years ago, I did my own research and created my own experiments. I tracked my results. I discovered what worked, specifically, for me. Since then, I’ve specialized in doing this for others. I guide and help others navigate this wonky path. I’ve learned to share what I know in a much faster, not to mention more efficient, way than the one I followed. And, I share my expertise with a lot of light-hearted laughs and encouragements.

If this resonates in any way, I’d love to meet you.

Schedule a session to chat with me and see what healing can look like for you. Click here to book a complimentary Wellness Breakthrough Session. In this session, you’ll share with me details of your experience and help me get to know you better. From that vantage point, I’ll help you gain clarity on what’s been working for you and what hasn’t. I’ll also share options that you may not have considered.

I’d love to see you get the help and guidance you’re looking for.

Here’s that link again. 

Your Fibromyalgia Letter to Share

Just as I promised, here’s that letter I mentioned earlier. I believe you’ll find it quite eye-opening. And when you download it and share with others, they’ll learn more about fibromyalgia, too. They’ll get a little glimpse of what it’s like to be in your shoes (yes, the comfy ones because if you’re like me, high heels are a thing of the past).

Letter to Explain Fibromyalgia and to Share

Please share this letter so that you can not only increase awareness in your own environment but increase it in your community as well.


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