November 12


Fibromyalgia Brain Rewire

By Sue Ingebretson

November 12, 2019

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Does your fibromyalgia brain need rewiring? Whether you have chronic illness or not, could your brain use a little nudge in the direction of healing? How’s your memory, recall, patience, focus, and ability to stay on track? Are you derailed by health challenges and would you like improvement?

If you’d like a better brain – and a better body – then TODAY is YOUR lucky day!

My book, Get Back into Whack:  How to Easily Rewire Your Brain to Outsmart Stress, Overcome Self-Sabotage, and Optimize Healing from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness – is officially available.* 

Grab my book on Amazon! (*This post contains Amazon Affiliate links to my book.)

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It Took Me 10 Years, But Not So For You

I probably shouldn’t share this, but I started writing Get Back into Whack a long time ago. I bought the domain in 2011. I started to write about brain function, how the mind works, the effects of stress on the body, and more.

Then I went into a transitional period where I knew that some pieces to the puzzle were missing.

I studied behavioral neuroscience – especially in the fields of habit formation and how to make them “stick.” I continued my education, research, and personal experimentation.

Then I researched and experimented some more.

This process went on for years until I felt I had a handle on why it is that some can easily adapt to new habits while others don’t.

This is the result: I’ve distilled a decade’s worth of research and application into one book. One comprehensive book.

And TODAY, you can grab it for an embarrassingly low price.


Because I think everyone should have the opportunity to Get Back into Whack.

What Others are Saying About Get Back into Whack

“This is a ‘curl up and read until you’re done, and then start it again’ kind of book.” -Doug Kaufmann, Medical Researcher, TV Show Host of Know the Cause!

“…incredible guidance and techniques for helping the fibromyalgia community.” -Jacob Teitelbaum, MD bestselling author of From Fatigued to Fantastic!

“…a refreshingly easy-to-read guidebook which explores the psychological aspects of brain function and the powerful impact the mind has on our health and wellbeing.” -Kristen Willeumier, PhD, Neuroscientist

“…skillfully connects BOTH mind and body approaches to healing!” -Jessie Jones, PhD, Former Director, Center for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain, California State University, Fullerton

“…a leading-edge book that compiles the best of brain science related to fibromyalgia and chronic illness pain.” -Dana Wilde, bestselling author of Train Your Brain, Host of the Mind Aware Show

“…filled with plenty of practical exercises and personal experiences to help you along.” Martin C. Hart, DC Senior Doctor at Biologix Center for Optimum Health

“…a whole host of tools leading to healing and transformation. The best part is how easy they are to understand and use right away.” -Gene Monterastelli, Founder and Editor of

“…a natural, and comprehensive approach to optimizing health – especially suited for those struggling with the pain of chronic illness and Fibromyalgia.” Sandip Sekhon, Pain Researcher and Expert, Founder of Pathways Pain Relief App

“…offers not only concise and accurate knowledge but practicality to get back to the driver’s seat as we journey through the Fibromyalgia alley.” -Maribel Aviles, M.D., fibromyalgia overcomer, and host of the International Conquering Fibromyalgia Summit

“…a humorous book offering simple tools to re-wire the nervous system and help you to re-engage in a life you create. A must for those healing from chronic illness and pain.” Nikki Alstedter and Lora Pavilack, Authors of Pain-Free Posture Handbook

“Even after years of following similar principles, I found this book full of great tips and reminders to help me stay on track.” -Julie Ryan, Fibromyalgia Blogger and Health Activist at

 “…how to live with and move beyond the limitations of chronic illness.” -Cindy Leyland, PAINS-KC Coordinator at the Center for Practical Bioethics

“…provides powerful recommendations and tools needed to ‘change the brain’s channel’ from negative to positive – a much-needed shift.” Timothy Noble, DC, DACBSP, CSCS

“…provides the missing piece of the puzzle to creating a new health experience. This needs to be on your shelf and more importantly, utilized in your life.” -Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath, Depke Wellness

 “…a must-read for anyone touched by fibromyalgia. A go-to-guide for many years to come.” Yvonne Keeny, Founder and Executive Director Fibromyalgia Coalition International

“Learning there’s an easier way than relying on sheer willpower gives me hope.” Kaye Witte, Co-Organizer of the Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia Support Group

What You’ll Find in Get Back into Whack

Here’s a brief summary of what you’ll find in each chapter:

 Chapter 1 What Drives You?

Chapter 1 explores the concepts of healing, transformation, and habits. It details brain function and studies how the brain searches for patterns in order to make sense of the world around us. This chapter introduces the important concept of the MAPP (our Mind’s Assessment of our Personal Patterns). Understanding the unique tendencies of how our mind works offers insight into selecting methods of healing progress that work best for each of us as individuals.

Chapter 2 – The Great Mental Divide

Chapter 2 goes into greater detail on brain (mind) function, defining the unique characteristics of both conscious and nonconscious thought patterns. This root-level topic helps readers to gain awareness of how the parts of the mind work in tandem to facilitate goal achievement, congruency of values, motivation, and more. This topic of discussion also seeds greater awareness of negative behaviors such as critical self-talk and self-sabotage.     

Chapter 3 – Sabotage, Surprises, & Self-Chatter        

Chapter 3 examines the theme of self-sabotage and unwanted behaviors that may seem perplexing. The topics of fears, resistance, actions, brain chaos, and facts vs. beliefs are discussed. Also included is an illustration of how unforeseen fears can stop or hinder progress.

Chapter 4 – The Pain Brain & Chronic Symptoms

Chapter 4 introduces the relationship between the functions of the brain and how the body perceives pain. It shares more information on the connections between how our brain processes thoughts (either negative or positive) and our ability to react or adapt.

Chapter 5 – Smart Systems & Strategies

Chapter 5 explores the presence of self-talk as it relates to our ability to take action and follow through on our desired behaviors. This chapter offers several key strategies to deal with negative self-talk as well as a powerful CBT-based (cognitive behavioral therapy) method to pivot away from feeling stuck and toward positive action.

Chapter 6 – Your Brain’s Happiness Springboard                

Chapter 6 provides a convenient space to define your goals (in several key areas). It also shares concepts and ideas that often block success so that they can be identified and navigated in advance. This chapter details the various brainwave states to clarify what states facilitate or enhance learning, creativity, focus, productivity, healing, and more.

Chapter 7 – Motivation Mastery: Potholes & Bridges

Chapter 7 explores the concept of focus – why it can sometimes be fleeting and arbitrary. This chapter answers the age-old question of “why is it that I do what I don’t want to do?” It explores the connection between our intentions and our actions and provides a method to amplify motivation (which improves results). 

Chapter 8 – Stress: My Story & the AWOL Factor

Chapter 8 digs into the topic of stress, revealing both the physical and emotional impact on the body. I share a brief retelling of my health recovery story and pinpoint what I know now as opposed to what I knew then. Also provided in this chapter are several key stress management methods, a general philosophy on healing chronic health challenges, an overview of epigenetics, and a discussion on the broad topic of inflammation.

Chapter 9 – Stress: Waiting for the Stop Sign to Turn Green

Chapter 9 digs even deeper into the body’s response to stress. This chapter discusses what impact stress has on the brain itself as well as a discussion about one of the primary subjects of this book – the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The chronic illness body becomes “stuck” in the fight, flight, or freeze response of the ANS, and suggestions for counteracting this effect are shared. This chapter also introduces the subject of micro habits and how they can limit the body’s exposure to the stress response and improve overall health in a big way.

Chapter 10 – Sketch Your Own Success Blueprint

Chapter 10 begins with an overview of the process of how change happens. This chapter provides a detailed and powerful strategy to facilitate change called the ADAPT and GROW technique. Step-by-step details of this method are illustrated as a blueprint for success.

Chapter 11 – Case Study: A Portrait of Self-Growth

Chapter 11 provides a real-life case study of the ADAPT and GROW technique in action. The easy-to-follow steps of this technique are outlined in this chapter and share one person’s path of discovery as she creates positive lifestyle changes for herself and for her family.

Chapter 12 – Navigate Smooth Seas or Squalls

Chapter 12 reveals the four phases of growth, which serve as an outline of the learning process. This chapter also shares the Smooth Sailing analogy, which uncovers insights about the hurdles and positive advancements of the chronic illness journey. This chapter also reveals vital news about the often-misunderstood notion of willpower.

Chapter 13 – Transformational Healing

Chapter 13 sheds light on the subjects of post-traumatic growth, control, and the search for acceptance. I share a consensus of needs/wants that clients reveal to me about their own healing journeys and my analysis of what I’ve discovered in the process of working with them. This chapter also shares a simple process to sort through potentially destructive thoughts. 

Chapter 14 – Grab Your Cape & Become a GBiW Superhero

Chapter 14 provides details on nearly two dozen character traits often associated with success, happiness, and whole-body healing. Readers are encouraged to review and align with the traits that feel right to them to assist with goal achievement, lifestyle planning, development of healthy relationships, and much more.

Chapter 15 – Inspirational Clarity

Chapter 15 unravels more details on the tangled topics of happiness, motivation, and willpower. This chapter shares information on how to employ the dynamics of polar opposites for healing success as well as using power questions to unearth what’s in the way of progress.  

Chapter 16 – Compendium of Potent Practices to Build-a-Better-Brain

Chapter 16 provides over seven dozen techniques to Build-a-Better-Brain. Readers are encouraged to put any – or some – of these practices into use on a daily basis. While this isn’t a completely exhaustive list, the plethora of options in this chapter provides readers with a good idea of the type of practices that soothe the brain, and by extension, body. These practices pave the way for healing opportunities.  

Chapter 17 – A Cascade of Brain Benefits

Chapter 17 offers a comprehensive list of the dozens of benefits that the Build-a-Better-Brain practices provide. These benefits affirm the value of putting brain-enhancing activities into practice. This chapter also includes a Daily Healing Recipe, 8 great brain-healthy tips, and a protocol for turning desired behaviors into habits.

Chapter 18 – Blast Away Objections for Instant Momentum

Chapter 18 offers final suggestions on how to move forward despite concerns and hesitations. As a preventative measure, this chapter lays out and evaluates common objections and obstacles to the process of adapting to change. This chapter also offers a Healing Chronic Illness Overview that hits the high spots of the overall process.

Ready to Feel Better?

Grab your copy of Get Back into Whack today and begin the amazing process of self-transformation. If I can do it, you can too.

Let this book show you the way.

And, while you’re at it – grab a few copies for those you love. Why not spread the gift of health and healing? 

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