December 22


Fibromyalgia Christmas Wish

By Sue Ingebretson

December 22, 2020

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I have a fibromyalgia Christmas wish for you. It’s also for anyone dealing with chronic illnesses such as autoimmune challenges, MS, RA, chronic fatigue, migraines, lupus, thyroid challenges, and more. Please enjoy this simple wish and don’t forget to pass it on to others. 


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Fibro Christmas Wish


The image below shares a few thoughts I have for this community. Writing this fills me with a sense of deep love and gratitude for everyone. 


So, take this to heart. This year (and every year), I pray for peace, love, joy, and healing for all.



Feel the love, and pass it on….

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"True Healing requires a combination of healthy nutrition, healthy body movements, and emotional wellness. This is what I call the Restoration Trio" 
~ Sue Ingebretson