October 15


Fibromyalgia Comfy Clothing

By Sue Ingebretson

October 15, 2019

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Do you often feel fatigued? Do you frequently experience muscle pain and disrupted sleep? Fibromyalgia may also be at the root of making your skin painful to touch. Here are some fibromyalgia clothing options that may improve your daily levels of comfort. A better night’s sleep may be right around the corner for you. 

Today’s post is written and shared by Kunal Patel, CEO of Copper Clothing. He’s agreed to share his research and experience in this specific area of interest for you, my Rebuilding Wellness fibromyalgia community. (I believe this information can prove useful to this Rebuilding Wellness community. I want to be clear that I have neither received compensation nor have I been provided with any of the items shared in this article.) 

Clothing Concerns for Those with Fibromyalgia

One of the common factors contributing to fibromyalgia symptoms relates to clothing choices. Fibromyalgia clothing items with snug waistbands and undergarments that put pressure on specific body parts can trigger chronic pain and burning sensations — especially on numb or tender areas.

It may be time to make a few simple changes to your existing wardrobe. 

Combat Fibromyalgia with Cool and Comfy Clothing

Here are a few tips on how to choose your clothes to help alleviate pain and discomfort.

  • Avoid synthetics or denim

 While shopping for clothes or bedding, select fabrics that are cool and natural. Natural fibers such as silk, cotton, fleece, flannel, and cashmere feel breathable to the skin. They’re also light in weight and soft to the touch. These choices keep skin irritation at bay, regardless of the color you choose. Make sure you stay away from any fabric that causes rashes or itchiness.

  • Refrain from fibromyalgia clothing styles you may love

Steer clear of certain types of clothing that can add to your pain and tenderness. For fibromyalgia hand pain relief, shun button-down tops or zippers.  To protect your feet, choose ankle socks instead of high socks that can put pressure on your calves. Pantyhose or tight elastic waistbands are a strict no-no to prevent constriction in this tender area. For women, wear soft-cup bras, made of cotton and those that are fitted correctly. You may also wish to choose comfortable sports bras or bralettes made of breathable natural fabrics.

  • Experiment with compression clothing

 Compression clothing is not for everyone. However, you won’t know if they can help unless you try. For some people suffering from fibromyalgia, compression clothing has been shown to provide pain relief. You may wish to choose garments such as compression gloves, sleeves, and knee socks, all of which support lifestyles of any activity level.

Compression garments are high-tech clothes that increase oxygenation to working muscles and improve blood circulation to assist with poor venous blood flow. This kind of clothing may help reduce swelling, fibromyalgia hand pain, joint pain, and muscle tenderness. Compression clothing may also protect you from injuries.

  • Ensure nighttime comfort

 Fibromyalgia tends to disturb sleep patterns, preventing restorative sleep. One aspect to address is that of regulating body temperature during the night. Avoid wearing heavy pajamas to bed, choosing instead those made of lightweight and breathable fabrics. Ladies’ copper pajamas are an ideal choice. They’re made of environment-friendly fabrics, soft to the touch, and extremely comfortable to sleep in.

Removing the elastic bands in nightwear may also help some to relieve pain. Figure out what works best for you in getting sound, comfortable sleep, and stick with it.

Summary Thoughts on Fibromyalgia Clothing

The nerve-wracking symptoms of fibromyalgia affect your day to day lifestyle. Nevertheless, taking small steps like changing your clothing choices can have a big impact on how you approach your day. In addition to healthy clothing choices, staying positive is a key component to living healthily and happily.


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  1. Compression sox have been so helpful to me lately as I am having ongoing foot pain. Also soft and comfy clothes are a must. thanks for these suggestions, Sue.

  2. Thanks for addressing an issue few people even think about! When you’re dealing with chronic pain, every little thing you can do to make yourself more comfortable matters.

  3. Thanks for sharing some great recommendations. I’ve started buying clothes in a size larger than I need, which has helped. Of course soft materials are a must also. I’ll definitely be checking out those pajamas!

    1. Great suggestions, Terri! And, there’s a setting at the top right corner of their website to see pricing in US dollars if needed. 😉

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