How A Fibromyalgia Coach Can Help You

How do you benefit from a fibromyalgia coach? Does your list of chronic illness symptoms grow each day? Have you tried lots of diets, supplements, and routines? Have you seen more doctors than you can count?

There’s nothing wrong with any of those things.

But there’s nothing very organized or cohesive about that kind of effort.  

There is a better way.  

I want you to get the help you need.

As Someone with Fibromyalgia

I get it. Before I ever became an author and a fibromyalgia coach, I was simple a person dealing with the day to day struggle of fibromyalgia.

I vividly remember the daily struggle of living with fibromyalgia and chronic illness. Because I navigated my own health transformation, I now serve as a guide to help others anticipate the stumbling blocks. I help people (mainly women) who are frustrated with their progress discover the keys to symptom-relief. I offer methods that are fast, effective, encouraging, and a whole lot of fun.

fibromyalgia coach Sue Ingebretson

How YOU Benefit from a Fibromyalgia Coach

  • YOU get to talk. Your voice is heard, and your concerns are addressed.
  • YOU save money (and more). There’s great potential for a healthier financial future in the long run as well as improved relationships. You may see fewer doctor visits (and trips to the pharmacy), sick days off of work, absences from the activities you love, and fewer opportunities missed. Increased energy is a side benefit that’s a reward all it’s own.
  •  YOU are in charge of your outcome. You get to decide on the speed of the actions you take, and which actions you implement. You’re guided not directed.
  • YOU get to create healthy habits. With the accountability factor inherent in the coaching relationship, healthy habits have a far greater chance of sticking and becoming life-long. 
  • YOU receive dietary feedback. While there’s no ONE diet that works for everyone, together with a health coach you can discover what works best for you.
  • YOU get to be a healthy role model. Telling others (including your family) to take action or make changes is different from YOU taking action and being a good role model. 
  • YOU gain self-mastery confidence. As you work together with your health coach to create and implement your own personalized health journey, you gain the confidence of creating new skills and follow-through.

Is the time NOW to Enlist Your Personalized Fibromyalgia Coach?

If you’d like tomorrow to be different from yesterday, you need a mentor and a structure of support. This coaching relationship can mean the difference between not getting off the starter’s block and reaching the finish line.

With a health coach, YOU are guided nurtured, and supported. While you may have a general idea of how to get better, a trained and experienced fibromyalgia coach (especially one who has gone through a personal fibromyalgia recovery) can guide you in a way that’s faster, more efficient, and practical.  In a previous article I shared 5 reasons WHY fibromyalgia health coaching works.

And don’t forget. YOU are the recipient of the amazing feel-good emotions of progress. There’s nothing like the physical and emotional feedback you receive when you experience positive results.

Is your time now?  Learn more about how you can move forward with me now.