July 2


Fibromyalgia Don’t Do List

By Sue Ingebretson

July 2, 2019

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Does your To-Do list run your life? What about a Fibromyalgia Don’t Do list? Consider writing these (and your own) items on a list and don’t do them in the days and weeks ahead. For fibro and chronic illness, the doing and not doing are part of the daily difficult decisions we face.

What do you say?

Why Write a Don’t Do List?

Coming up with things you should do (notice the emphasis on should) can be daunting. Life is full of should’s isn’t it?

But what about the should nots? It’s not so common to discuss things you don’t do.

The Don’t Do list is

all about – taking a stand.

The don’t do list is like a declaration. A long list of declarations. It’s a list of things that are important to you. A list of things that were getting in the way of a healthy and happy life.

The Don’t Do list is sort of like taking a vow. With intention and purpose, you create your list and promise yourself that you’ll avoid or stop doing the very things that prevent you from creating the life of your design.


Take a look at a #Fibromyalgia Sample DON'T DO List! Share on X

Sample Fibromyalgia Don’t Do List

Re-write this list and personalize it by writing in the first person. Even better, insert your own name.

  • Don’t sit for more than 45 minutes without a stretch break (this one’s for me!)
  • Don’t eat without thinking
  • Don’t dwell on that thoughtless (unhelpful, derogatory, unkind, insulting, critical, offensive, etc.) comment from your spouse, family member, or anyone else
  • Don’t slouch
  • Don’t forget to balance my soul with mindful activities
  • Don’t ignore the impulse to rest (or nap if needed!) and make nighttime sleep a priority
  • Don’t skip self-care!
  • Don’t allow dehydration to set in
  • Don’t allow others to choose your activities for you
  • Don’t be badgered – you know what’s good for you
  • Don’t get trapped in looping thoughts. If it’s negative – distract, redirect, or plant something empowering
  • Don’t forget to include veggies in every meal
  • Don’t shut the door to potential and possibility – your future is an open door!
  • Don’t forget to prime your brain for positivity before the day begins!
  • Don’t hang out with others who bring you down – just because you always have
  • Don’t label yourself based on your diagnosis (diagnoses)
  • Don’t compromise your health to meet someone else’s needs (I know this is easier said than done)
  • Don’t eat past the feeling of slightly full
  • Don’t believe that the negative voice in your head is the truth
  • Don’t drink sodas (whether “real” sugar or artificial)
  • Don’t consume packaged foods as the majority of your meals
  • Don’t treat your fitness plans as optional – create alternatives
  • Don’t feel obligated to fulfill someone else’s emotional agenda (particularly if it’s detrimental to yours)
  • Don’t eat anything that’s not planned and decided on in advance
  • Don’t hand your power over to others by believing you can do anything to change their actions

What’s on YOUR Fibromyalgia Don’t Do List?

What would you like to add? What ones resonate with you the most? What ones would you delete?

That’s the great thing about making your own list.

It’s up to you.

What’ll you add? What’s more important to you to NOT do?

Start your Don’t Do list today and share it here with the rest of us!

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