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Grab Fibromyalgia Healing at Your Grocer’s Shelves NOW!

By Sue Ingebretson

January 28, 2014

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fibromyalgia-healing-FIRST-for-Women-MagazineDo you know what the #1 way is to help YOU learn more about healing from fibromyalgia and chronic illness? Learn from someone who has done it before you! And, the exciting part of this healing method is that their experience can help you to achieve your own results faster!

Aren’t we all motivated by weight loss commercials because we can SEE someone else’s success? Magazines make a wonderful medium for sharing the success of others. In this current issue of FIRST for Women magazine, you can read all about my friend and colleague, Christy Foster’s healing from fibromyalgia as well as a few quotes and comments from ME!

The magazine shown above is the February 17, 2014 issue and will only be available for the next week or two. They pop onto the newsstands and off very quickly, so grab your copy now. You can find yours at your local Target, grocery store, drug store, health food store, etc. Important note: For stores such as Target and many larger pharmacy/drug stores – if FIRST for Women seems to be missing at the cash register area, be sure to look in their book/magazine department usually located toward the back of the store. Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself and more to share with anyone you know who may benefit from a motivating boost.

And here’s another important note. Magazines are sold by making things look simple. Some of the details of Christy’s journey are not exactly accurate, but that’s how the news media works. They may not necessarily be wrong but rather over simplified. For media publications, SALES is their priority (understandably). Their articles and features cut to the chase making a person’s recovery look super easy and super quick.

For example, this article mentions guaifenesin as if it’s a healing miracle. That’s simply not true. No one in the fibromyalgia healing world suggests that guaifenesin alone can heal your fibromyalgia pain and fatigue symptoms. I’ve never even tried it. The article does point out that an integrated approach of nutrition (eating clean), fitness, supplementation, and stress-management strategies helped Christy to heal. (And, if you’ve heard her sing, she’s not only healed — she rocks!)FIRST Mag 2014 Interior 1

Remember that it took time for Christy to develop her chronic health challenge and it took her time to heal. It takes time, strategy, and planning to heal from any chronic condition.

There’s nothing super quick about healing from fibromyalgia.

But the important fact here is to look at the big picture. Healing is possible! I’ve found dramatic healing from fibromyalgia. Christy has found dramatic healing from fibromyalgia. Two others who have written to me on Facebook just yesterday (since seeing this FIRST for Women article) have found dramatic healing. My many clients have found dramatic healing. And, so have hundreds and thousands of others who’ve followed their own healing journeys.

Isn’t it your turn to begin your own journey?

For a simple cookbook/resource to help you begin an Eating Clean journey, you may wish to review this post.

In the meantime, pick up your own copy of FIRST for Women magazine today and share your thoughts below!


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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning and highly recommending this to us! I infrequently buy any magazine. However, this is one that I have purchased in the past and will try my best to get a copy very soon. Thank you for the ‘heads up’ about all things worth while and lasting take time and effort–my words but that is how I feel. Rome was not built in a day but inch by inch a cinch.

    1. Thanks Julie for chiming in! I love this magazine too as it gives tidbits of good info. Of course, I have to use my own discernment to ferret out the good parts from parts that aren’t as healthy. But that’s what being informed is about! And, yes – health is built inch by inch. Interestingly, the inches between your ears are what count the most 😉

  2. Hello Sue,

    I have fibromyalgia and this magazine looks very interesting. Is it available in the UK at all, and if not is it likely to be in the future?

    Thank you for writing your fantastic book, and for the all the brilliant advice and information that you give to us all. It really is very much appreciated.

    1. Hey Tina – thanks for your kind comment! I love my UK family. I actually have the same question and have not been able to find an answer. I don’t think FIRST for Women is available in the UK, but I’m not sure. Here’s there website: http://www.firstforwomen.com/ and I looked around but didn’t see an answer. But, they’ve got TONS of great resources and info here.

      I’m grateful for your kind comments too, and am so glad that you find my work and this community, supportive 😉

  3. Great post Sue! I will get it, just don’t know if I can find some in UK. Fibromyalgia is really a big problem to discuss, and thank God for people like you that share their knowledge on it.

    1. Carolina – thanks for your input. I’m amazed at my UK following (and am blessed!). I hope you also read my featured articles in the UK Fibromyalgia magazine? You can click to the right of this post to see how to subscribe. Again, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

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