February 2


Fibromyalgia Health Goals and Dreams

By Sue Ingebretson

February 2, 2021

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When it comes to your Fibromyalgia health plans, do you focus on goals, resolutions, or dreams? Does it matter? For those with fibro, chronic illness, autoimmune, arthritis, and other chronic health challenges — 

Yes, it absolutely does.

Fibromyalgia Health

Health goals are important. It’s vital to have action plans in place to take our health on an upward spiral of healing.

If not, what happens?

Was your answer that we just stay where we are? Nope! That’s not true.

Here’s how it works.

Our personal levels of health are on a constant path to change. There are ebbs and flows. And it may seem there are phases of nothing happening. But the truth is that something is always changing. The body is always in a state of repair or decline.

Time does not stand still.

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Fibromyalgia Health Goals and Resolutions

Whatever you call them — plans, goals, resolutions, promises, pledges, etc. — it’s important to DECLARE them. What — specifically — do you want to see happen for your health? Do you want to increase body stamina and muscle flexibility? Do you want to sleep better, move with more ease, and reduce the number of days you’re immobilized by flares?

And, what about your diet? Are there improvements you’d like to see there?

These questions can lead you in the direction of writing goals. I encourage you to write and commit to, at least one specific health goal for the next 30 days (no matter when you’re reading this).


Because NOTHING gets done without a plan and a commitment to abide by it.

Goals are predictably successful. They typically have very obvious steps to them and (when guided and supported), they lead you toward your desired end result.

So, what’s the difference between a goal and a dream?

Fibromyalgia Health Dreams

Dreams are fuzzier than goals. And, as I suggested in my last article on this subject, I hope you write down a list of your dreams. Be sure to cover all areas of life: health, finances/security, relationships, vocation, creative expression, spirituality, work/purpose, personal development, and social/connections.

To do this, keep this question top of mind as you think of each area —

What would you LOVE?

It doesn’t matter if you feel that your dreams are a work of fiction. Just dream.

It’s been said that the difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline. I’ve even repeated this myself.

Today, however, I’d like you to focus on something different. When you think of your goals, how do they make you feel? Goals typically feel practical, grounded, and even predictable. Whether they instill anticipation or anxiety, we know that if we follow the obvious steps, it’s likely that we’ll cross the finish line.

Dreams are different.

Dreams make us feel light and full of potential. They may feel airy-fairy and full of hope and imagination. It’s interesting to note that we probably have no idea how they could even come true and that’s okay. Notice that the steps to reach our dream are either fuzzy or non-existent. And, this is GOOD!

When we dream, we’re not focused on the steps. We’re focused on how the end result of the dream feels.  

Here’s your next step in this process.

Dreams are all about emotions. How do you feel when you think of your dreams? What emotions do they elicit? Perhaps you feel, happy, hopeful, excited, optimistic, etc. This is an important part of the process — write them down! (And, by the way, it’s also important to pursue BOTH goals and dreams.)

As always – if you’d like to exponentially increase the odds of reaching your health plans, enlist the support of a guide, mentor, or coach.

I’m here to serve.

Hop onto my calendar and sign up for free a clarity session to see how working together can help to move you closer toward your dreams.


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