November 1


Fibromyalgia (and Chronic Illness) Recovery

By Sue Ingebretson

November 1, 2022

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Is Fibromyalgia Recovery possible? The simple answer is, yes. But of course, in practicality, it’s not all that simple. To outline your fibromyalgia and/or chronic illness recovery plans, check out this overview post on the subject.


First off, where did your chronic illness circumstance begin?

Fibromyalgia Onset


If you jump to the recovery tips, you skip this essential info. It’s important to understand how and when your chronic illness arrived. This information provides important clues to creating your recovery plan.


Take this quick survey –


  • Did your fibromyalgia and/or chronic illness show up “overnight” after an accident, injury, illness, trauma, or after taking a specific medication or medications? When was that?


  • Did your symptoms creep up slowly until one day they could no longer be ignored?


  • Did you have one main symptom (such as intestinal problems) for years and then other symptoms piggybacked onto your already compromised body? If so, when did that happen?


  • Did you have some indications of being hyper-reactive to foods, scents, environment, stress, and/or medications as a child or adolescent?


Each of these clues can help you (and anyone helping you) map out your recovery plan.


Fibromyalgia Root Level Causes


While root-level causes get kind of muddy because one thing contributes to another. Together, they create systemic dysfunction which leads to fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, and chronic illness in general.


Here are some of the basics.


Nutritional issues (including deficiencies, malabsorption, low/no fiber, empty-nutrient foods, poor macronutrient balance, sensitivities/intolerances, etc.)


Toxic exposures (including internal and external exposures from foods, health/beauty products, dental amalgams, medications, household/laundry cleaners, paints/lacquers, carpet glue, and so much more)


Accidents/Injuries (including vehicle accidents, surgeries, abuse, even minor tweaks and falls, concussions, etc.)


Traumas (including what I call — emotional earthquakes – moments or circumstances that shift our lives in another direction)


These can contribute to the following issues common for those of us with chronic health challenges.


          Gut Dysbiosis (IBS, IBD, candida overgrowth, acid reflux, etc.)


          Thyroid issues (underactive or overactive)


          Adrenal fatigue (overworked)


          Hyper-reactive Autonomic Nervous System


          Hormonal Dysregulation


Now, do you have a better idea of what goes into the “creation” of chronic illness?


Fibromyalgia (and Chronic Illness) Recovery Roadmap


Now that you know how your body has been derailed in the past – it’s time to get back on track. What can you do to start the journey toward healing?


First, recognize that recovery IS possible. I’ve done it myself. I remember vividly what it as like to live each day in the throes of fibro symptoms believing that nothing could or would ever change.


I’m SO glad I was wrong!


It’s been 20 years since I figured out my body’s algorithm to recovery. And, in this time, I’ve helped others to discover their own path to recovery. Everyone has their own path and their own levels of recovery.


I never say cure.


I live with a fraction of the pain and issues that I once had – and I’m okay with that. More than okay. You may wish to read my books to hear more about my story and the journey from chronic illness to chronic wellness.


You can read FibroWHYalgia, Get Back into Whack and my Get Back into Whack Workbook. For stress management and a bit of fun, check out my activity book, Chronic Coloring.


I’m not alone. There’s a world of others out there who have conquered chronic illness and share their own recovery stories. And, others who have recovered say the same thing. Recovery is SO worth it.


If you’d like to hear other recovery stories, check out my friend Dan Neuffer’s REWIRE program and recovery stories


You can check out his ANS program here.


And now, let’s dig into starting your plan.


While the following is definitely generic and the reality of recovery is more nuanced, here are the basics. Simply put, healing the body takes place from three main approaches.



Body Movement

Emotional Wellness


I outline the benefits of these areas of healing in my handout called The Restoration Trio and you can download it here.


When it comes to healing, here are two beautiful things you need to know. First, the BODY IS DESIGNED TO HEAL. When given a nudge – in the right direction – healing begins. Second, healing has an amazing cascade effect. When we take steps in the right direction, whether big or small, this perpetuates a cascade effect in the body. For example, improved nutrition contributes to improved gut health. And improved gut health contributes to improved mood, better cognition, and better nutrient absorption (among other things). This healing cascade proffers exponential results.


Get the gist?


As a reminder, it doesn’t matter how big of a step you take. The point is DOING SOMETHING. Take action and let the cascade effect carry you into a healing future. The speed is up to you.


Here’s another quick tip. If you think that taking action is problematic for you and that you need more motivation — that’s the wrong place to begin. Motivation is short-term and temporary. The REAL precursor to action comes from your thoughts. Thoughts and emotions drive actions every single time. If your actions aren’t what you’d like them to be, take a look at what you’ve been thinking about. (HINT: Fibromyalgia Coaching can help with this). 


As with all of my healing posts, I encourage you to take action and come up with a plan that feels right for you. If you’d like guidance, check the link below.


If you’d like to finally get the support you’re looking for and start healing from the root level, go HERE. Let’s get started! 


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