March 11


Fibromyalgia Relaxation Favorites

By Sue Ingebretson

March 11, 2014

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Fibromyalgia-Relaxation-FavoritesI’m under the gun to get a BIG project done. I won’t deny that I’m feeling a bit pinched. I find myself holding my breath as I work. I stare at my computer screen and let the creativity flow through my fingers (and watch it sometimes NOT flow). I nibble rather than have a meal. My back and hips hurt. Not a great plan for someone with fibromyalgia. Relaxation? Um, I will when I’m done.  


Does this sound like you when you’ve got a laser focus on a specific project? You think, “I’ll get back to life” when it’s complete?  


And the real irony? Drum roll here ….   My project is about stress. Nope, not kidding. More to the point, it’s about managing and mitigating stress.  


Years ago, when my body fell apart, I finally figured out that stress was a big contributor to my problems. I had no idea what I was doing to myself just by the nutty nonsense going on in my head. I somehow thought I should be able to “do it all” but was acutely aware that I was failing left and right.  


Sometimes I’m a bit late to catch on – especially when it’s my own experience. It’s always easier to see other people’s “stuff” and to be blind to your own.  Have you ever been blind to your own stuff when it comes to stress? That’s rhetorical, BTW. We all have.  


So, here’s a question you can answer:

What’s your FAVORITE

relaxation and stress-relieving activity or tip?


Your responses help to build this supportive community. Shared ideas help us all to grow.  


I can’t wait to hear from you!  –> Enter your comments below.   (I’d love to stay here and chat, but I’ve gotta run. You’ve inspired me already, and have I told you lately how grateful I am for all of you? I’m going to hop on my mini-trampoline and loosen up like a wet noodle. That’s ONE way to work the kinks out — physically AND mentally!)


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  1. Exercise is my favorite way to de-stress and relax, especially swimming. I love the feeling I get when I get that perfect rhythm going and I feel like I’m gliding through the water. There are no demands on me, or my body because swimming is so easy on the joints. I can forget everything when I’m in the water and just focus on me and that is something we all need to do everyday.

    I also enjoy a good shower (I guess I really like water!). I like to take my music in the bathroom with me and just relax under the warm water. It is a very relaxing way for me to get ready for bed.

    Thank you, Sue. For everything 🙂

  2. Hi Sue
    My favorite relaxation techniques are yoga and meditation. doing the yoga pose”feet up the wall” and listening to one uf my favorite meditation mp3 and with in 10 to 15 minutes, I’m relaxed and ready to go.

  3. Sleep is my favorite stress buster. Seriously. Barring that, then listening to ambient music – and it has to be non-vocal. I am highly sensitive to noise. My brain often just can’t handle focusing on words and singing, so it has to be non-vocal music. I often listen to meditation music too.

    If I had access to a hot tub, I’d definitely soak in one daily. Getting in/out of the bathtub is quite difficult for me, but I would sit on my shower seat for hours if I could.

    I actually wrote a post recently about meditation for Fibromyalgia pain. 🙂

  4. Water! Water! Water!
    Wading, swimming, listening to it, watching it flow …washes away my stress every time! Even standing in the rain without a care about getting wet!! I just tilt back my head, open up my arms and welcome the fresh feel of a cleanse from Mother Nature!! Same way with water fountains in public places, I have to let the water flow over me!!

    1. Thanks SO much for this great tip! Sometimes we get so engrossed in life, we forget the basics. Drinking enough water, too, is ALSO a great relaxation tip 😉

  5. Walking outside helps me to relax and reading devotions. Plus a cat nearby or on my lap is a big help, too.

    1. Love the tips on both the nature/body movement connection as well as the furry love connection. They’re all winners!

  6. If I only have a few minutes deep breathing and some chair stretches do the trick. If I have more time exercise, a bath with lavender or a walking meditation help. I’m not a fan of sitting in meditation but walking and really being in the moment works for me.

    1. We’re all SO different and therefore our solutions are all different. I, too, have a hard time sitting meditation and prefer meditative movement techniques such as tai chi and of course, walking outside in nature. Love your input and thanks!

  7. I do some meditation breathing that I can do while doing a task. It helps me get through it. I also do some simple yoga poses.

    1. Thanks Michele – meditation PLUS breathing PLUS strengthening/relaxing poses. Sounds like a trifecta of healing 😉

  8. I listen to music whenever I need to destress or even force myself to complete a project/chore. It helps me get through.

    1. Perfect actions, Cat. The music relaxes while accomplishing tasks (especially odious ones) can give a welcomed dose of satisfaction!

  9. I love gentle yoga — and it keeps my muscles limber. I never do movements that will aggravate the fibro though. Only do what feels comfortable. (Dead bug is my favorite…)

    1. Gentle yoga sounds wonderful, Vivien! I love Restorative yoga which – depending on instructors – is probably very similar. Although … I’ve never heard of Dead bug 😉 Sounds interesting! (Just looked it up — fun! I’ve always heard something similar called Happy Baby….)

  10. Rest and yoga and warmth. Warm baths, warm heat, warm bed buddies (warm in microwave) . supplements like magnesium with malic acid, Solar ay brand with these two in combination worked well for me. I found stress to be a big part of this problem for me. Meditation and relaxation along with the yoga in one program helped me to a great extent. Also love all the information provided in FibroWHYalgia and on your newsletters, blog and Facebook page. Thank you for that valuable information

  11. I have many methods for de-stressing. Here are the top 10 I can think of right now:

    1. Singing
    2. Cuddles with cats, significant other, family members, friends, babies
    3. Meditation
    4. Treating myself to something I haven’t had in awhile (fast food, chocolate treats, a new purse, etc.)
    5. Reading a great book in bed
    6. Massages (from loved ones, professionals, massage chairs, misc. massage devices, hot tubs w/ massage jets)
    7. Watching a movie
    8. Being outdoors (as long as I am comfortable temperature wise – dressed for the elements as it were…)
    9. Exercise (Mostly Pilates, dance, & very light weights)
    10. Writing poetry

    I hope this helps.
    Peace & Love,

  12. Like so many others have mentioned here, gentle exercise, a long hot shower, and music or meditation (in that order) help me relax. Sometimes, if I’m particularly tired, I’ll just veg out with Netflix, Pinterest, or a game.

    1. Great additions, Toni! I love Pinterest, too. And, there are times I just want to browse Kindle books. I can really relate!

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