January 5


Fibromyalgia Resolutions – Real Results

By Sue Ingebretson

January 5, 2021

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Do you think you have to set resolutions to heal fibromyalgia? What comes to mind when you think of resolutions? Does the thought make you feel stuck, frustrated, annoyed, or defeated before you begin?

What if setting resolutions isn’t right for you?

As this year begins, let’s look at things from a different angle. Let’s look at the WANTS of life.

If I asked you what Real Result you’re looking for, what would you say? It’s likely that you’d fire off a response right away. Who doesn’t know – at least in some areas – what they want? Most of us with chronic health challenges such as fibromyalgia, autoimmune issues, ME/CFS, arthritis, migraines, etc. have lots of ideas and wishes. Do you have the results you want in your health, finances, relationships, spirituality, creativity, career, and social connections? Do you want to know the path to get what you want?

Check out the following.

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Want Real Results?

What if I told you there’s a glitch in the header above. Do you see it? The glitch happens to be one of my favorite topics. (I know, I say that a lot!)

The glitch is with the word, “want.” Words are super powerful when it comes to getting the results we’re looking for. What’s wrong with wanting? Nothing. That is, nothing as long as you want NO CHANGE AT ALL.

Wanting leads to nothing. When your mind thinks of wanting anything, the only focus is on “the NOT having” whatever it is. So if “not having” is your goal, then keep on wanting.

To your brain —

Wanting is a vague and wishy-washy thing.

So, let’s stop putting the focus on wanting and place it where it belongs — smack dab on the actual thing that we want. And, this leads us right into why resolutions – oftentimes – don’t work.

Fibromyalgia Resolutions

Resolutions, actually, are not the problem. They’re neither good nor bad. The challenge comes from how you FEEL about resolutions.

When you think of the word, do you feel —

  • Frustrated at the thought of future “failure”
  • Defeated before you begin
  • Annoyed at the thought of measuring up
  • Guarded anticipation for future disappointment
  • Stuck with the results that you have and no hope for change

If this is how you feel, you’re not alone.

Many people have an aversion to the word, resolutions. They may also avoid goals, goal-setting, strategies, calendars, accountability, tracking graphs, and making plans. If this is you, don’t worry. You’re in good company. Just take a simple look at headlines for the first two weeks of every year. They’re full of reasons why resolutions work and why they don’t. There are articles on how to set goals the “right” way and how to avoid them entirely.

The key here is how YOU feel about it.

If you resonate with the emotions listed above, it’s no wonder you’d likely avoid resolutions and goals. Why would you want to begin the year using your precious resource (your focus) on something that makes you feel five versions of yucky?

If the list above makes you raise your hand, you don’t have a problem with the resolutions themselves, you have a problem with the potential for how they may make you feel.

Get that?

Just the potential.

So, what if the potential feeling from those words could be different? Let’s take a look.

Potential for the Results You Want

Getting back to the word, “want.”

Because we’ve already discussed that want is a lackluster word, what should we use instead? Let’s stir things up and use the word, “love.”

What would you love?

Seriously, when it comes to the categories listed above, what would you really love to experience?

Here’s your homework.

Write down the lifestyle categories that interest you most. Then list – under each category – what you’d LOVE to experience. I challenge you to write as many things as you possibly can. At this stage, we’re not finalizing or crystallizing. We’re just dreaming and that’s a fantastic place to begin.

Are you ready to begin your journey outside the boundaries of resolutions?

Keep a lookout for more posts on this topic and we’ll use the list you’ve started here … so keep on dreaming!

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