April 19


Your Fibromyalgia Summit Solutions

By Sue Ingebretson

April 19, 2016

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Have you ever wondered what causes, eases, or contributes to fibromyalgia and all of its symptoms? What triggers pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances and more? Or, have you ever wanted help in explaining it to others? Discover what YOU need to know at the Fibromyalgia Summit!

Coming soon – starting May 12th – you’ll be able to discover strategies, techniques, and protocols designed to overcome fibromyalgia, chronic illness and their symptoms.

Like me, there are others who have made healthy lifestyle changes that have completely transformed their lives. A life with Fibromyalgia CAN be shifted from struggle to harmony.

It’s funny that when I searched for words synonymous with this feeling of harmony, I came up with words you’d probably expect – peace, amity, goodwill, accord, etc.

But one word jumped out at me: cease-fire.

Don’t we often feel under attack? The fibromyalgia body feels threatened from so many areas – we’re over-stressed, over-stimulated, and over-tired. We feel barraged by outside influences that threaten our abilities to cope and manage.

And, don’t forget that we’re often under attack from our own fears and worries. Our self-talk, our anxieties of “what’ll fall apart next?” and every day stress also makes us feel under attack.

There are resources to help. The Fibromyalgia Summit features 25 of the top fibromyalgia experts from around the world. I’m grateful to have participated in this summit and am one of the speakers. Listen in and grab the information YOU need. There’s no better way to support yourself and your fibromyalgia community. Remember that Fibromyalgia Awareness day – May 12th – is right around the corner!

And, here’s my greatest wish for you. Make your own declaration.

  • I hope that you watch or listen to the interviews provided to you through this summit.
  • I hope that you feel empowered by the information you hear.
  • I hope and pray that you make your own declaration. Choose to DECLARE a cease-fire on the negative thoughts about your own health and your body.

Please register for this powerfully healing summit today. Create your own goals, plans, and chronic illness road map.

And, while you’re waiting after registration, would you like to start your healing journey right now?

Go ahead and download this gifts so that you can start your health journey today – and stay tuned for the summit beginning in a few short weeks.

  • The Pure Vitality Detox– by Becky Mauldin N.D.

Click here to download

  • Mindfulness of Daily Life– by Vidyamala Burch  

Click here to download

  • Career Thrive: When You Live With Chronic Illness – A Guidebook Series by Rosalind Joffe

Click here to choose one or all three to download.

Are you planning on attending the Fibromyalgia Summit? What do you hope to learn? Please share in the comments below!

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