September 15


What if My Fibromyalgia Symptoms Get Worse?

By Sue Ingebretson

September 15, 2020

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Fibro Symptoms Get WorseHave your fibromyalgia or chronic illness symptoms become worse? Is it a tsunami of symptoms and you feel like you’re hanging on by a thread? What if you become more restricted or disabled by chronic illness than you already are? What if your symptoms increase and you need more help?

What if …what if?

Fibromyalgia Symptoms Get Worse

Sometimes fibromyalgia, CFS, chronic illness, and autoimmune challenges feel like a tsunami or avalanche of symptoms. Or more like a runaway train speeding recklessly downhill.

No matter what your increased symptoms feel like, there’s one measure that feels in common. As they grow in number and intensity …

your symptoms feel SO out of control!

One day things may seem at least quasi-manageable. But next, there’s something new. It makes you wonder. Are these symptoms new, or are my existing symptoms getting worse?

Does the spreading pain make my flares feel as if they’ve come to stay? Or, are they incrementally getting worse?

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Clipboard People

Many years ago, I frequented a local fibromyalgia support group. I often saw a group I referred to as “Clipboard” people. They documented their diagnoses, symptoms, and treatments, on charts that they carried with them at all times. Some used folders and clipboards to keep their notes together. At any given moment, they could accurately report their current status.

That always scared me.

Would I turn into a clipboard person, too? What if my symptoms compounded and I couldn’t do anything but track it all? It felt like preparing for the worst.

The Compound Results of Worsened Symptoms

It’s not just a matter of imagination. Things do often go from bad to worse.

Here’s some of what can happen when general symptoms compound and get worse —

  • Reduced or further limitations on flexibility and mobility
  • Increased whole-body inflammation
  • Increased cognitive dysfunction
  • Reduced ability for the digestive system to absorb nutrients and efficiently eliminate waste
  • Potential for reduced ability to oxygenate the body and negatively impacted respiratory rate
  • Potential for reduced circulation and blood flow
  • Further limitations on the ability to work or stay active
  • Increased need or reliance on support from others (further loss of autonomy)
  • Increased occurrence of co-factors that escalate the potential for additional diagnoses
  • Decreased social interactions
  • Increased isolation
  • More likely to lead a sedentary lifestyle and suffer additional and multiplying symptoms from it

This is just some of what can happen when symptoms compound. It sounds as if there’s nothing you can do, right?

Or is there?

What if I Do Nothing?

The chronic illness body doesn’t simply stay stagnant. The challenges that define a chronic illness can incrementally grow — if nothing is done. Like growing mold under a leaky sink, things worsen if action isn’t taken.

Indecision and inaction do have a cost.

In part 2 of this series, we’ll study the cost of doing nothing. And, we’ll explore available actions and steps to take.

What’s available for you? Check out my next post to see.

What would you like to share today? Join in the conversation below and add your voice. Do you feel your symptoms are multiplying? What have you tried so far?

Want to jump into Part 2 of this powerful topic? Discover the HOW and WHY of symptom multiplication!

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