April 17


The Five Fixes for Fibromyalgia

By Sue Ingebretson

April 17, 2012

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Today’s post could just as well have been entitled, The Five Fixes for Chronic Illness, but it would’ve lacked a certain ring. The vibrancy of health has a ring all its own, don’t you agree? Aren’t you looking for that zinging ringing feeling of health and happiness? Then this post is for you!

For the chronically ill, we share the same boat, but are confronted with a plethora of paddles. Various conditions fit this category – fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, migraines, lupus, multiple sclerosis, cancer, diabetes, obesity, asthma, allergies, various mood/anxiety disorders, heart disease, oral diseases, hypertension, kidney/liver disease, IBS, colitis, Crohn’s disease, Celiac’s disease, Alzheimer’s, etc. Now that you know we’re in this vessel together, are you ready to jump ship? Let me throw you a life preserver!

While we may have a wide variety of conditions and symptoms, the root causes of chronic conditions funnel to some very specific sources. It still takes tinkering on your part to determine which of these require more of a focus, but there are aspects of EACH that must be addressed in order to see yourself move forward and toward your life of improved health and happiness.

The first three on this list are documented in my book, FibroWHYalgia. In it, I detail the concept of what I call, The Restoration Trio: Nutrition, Fitness (movement), & Emotional Wellness (stress-relief). These three healing tools ALL work together to repair cracks in our health foundations. They are all necessary and vital to rebuilding the health you desire. The order in which they’re implemented is not as important as the fact that they’re ALL implemented.

As promised, here’s your life preserver. Here are the Five Fixes for Fibromyalgia – and Chronic Illness!

1)    Nutrition: This broad category deals with fueling our bodies at the cellular level. What nutrients are we lacking from our foods? For starters, are you  getting enough folate, phytonutrients, vitamins, protein, and fiber? What about water? That’s a vital nutrient, too! When the body is fed – regularly, mind you – with foods that build up rather than tear down, the sky is the limit for the improvements you can experience. Improved IBS symptoms, healthier skin, clearer thinking, increased energy, elevated mood, relieved joint pain, reduced overall inflammation, and many other benefits can be yours for taking a few trips to the produce section of your local store. Be sure to include healthy sources of proteins, carbohydrates from veggies, and healthy fats (avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, etc.). There’s so much more to explore and you may want to visit this post entitled: Upgrade Your Food’s Super Powers!

2)    Fitness (movement):  While this is a no-brainer, it’s still a category that needs emphasis. We absolutely must move our bodies in some way every single day. Move within your own fitness level. Develop your own routine of activities that suit your needs. Try walking, rebounding, tai chi, yoga, etc. Create your own program of fitness programs that motivate and excite you. If you haven’t found them yet — that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I promise you – when you find a routine that works for you, you’ll be pleased with the results. Besides the obvious weight loss or weight management benefits and creating fit and toned muscles, you can also experience better/deeper sleep, improved mood and anxiety relief, stress relief, regulated blood sugar and heart rate, improved digestion, increased energy, and a wealth of other benefits. Exercise/fitness is also one of the best detoxes out there. So … get movin’ and get healing!

3)    Emotional Wellness (stress relief): How we think relates directly to how we feel. I can’t stress that enough. Recognizing how we think – what negative self-talk twirls around in our brains – is a big part of the healing process. Learning to replace negative thoughts with ones that are more realistic and productive goes a long way toward kicking your healing into high gear. Stress-relieving activities such as prayer, meditation, journaling, imagery, deep breathing, humor, massage, affirmations/encouragements, exercise, living nutrition, etc. can each give you a boost in the right direction. Addressing our negative thoughts and emotions can be one of the most powerful healing steps we take. Don’t put this one off – begin today with whatever practice(s) interest you!

4)    Remove/Replace: The best case scenario here is to avoid exposing your body to toxins. But, for most of us, the damage has been done with various past experiences. That’s why we may need to address toxin exposure issues and deal with the repercussions. Toxins can come from a wide variety of sources including, pharmaceuticals (both prescribed and over the counter), vaccinations, dental amalgams, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals in health & beauty products, laundry detergents, scented products, etc. On the flip side, as toxins are removed, it’s also a good idea to deal with depleted nutrients in the body. Those suffering from chronic conditions often need supplementation at a therapeutic level. Seek the advice of a naturopath or holistic nutritionist to see if you need an extra nutrient boost. The most common supplements to look into would be probiotics, digestive enzymes, omega-3 supplements, vitamins C, D3, and sometimes the B’s. It’s also common to be critically deficient in iodine, so be sure to ask a trusted source.

5)    Vitamins P and K: Remind yourself – often! — that it took a long time for chronic illness to arrive and show up in you. It took time to develop. It also takes time to get a handle on it and see it retreat. I guarantee you, however, there’s no time like the present to get started and there’s no time better spent than on improving our health. Apply a little Vitamin Patience and Kindness. So, above all, be patient with your progress. Be patient with yourself. And, be sure at all times, to be kind. Read more about Vitamin K (Kindness) HERE:

Do you feel ready to take action? Got questions? Tell me about your experience!

  1. Great info! I am fortunate to NOT have any of those things listed in the 2nd paragraph! I try to eat right (which I usually do) but I have issues with portion control (I measure my food to help with that). And, need more exercise…like right now…going walking!

  2. I have crohns and a shortened colon. I suspect I’m constantly battling malnutrition, but all the above are part of my plan to stay healthy. Nice article!

    1. Thanks for chiming in, Robin! Sounds like you’re doing the right things. Your intestinal challenges mean you need to concentrate extra hard on eating the foods that heal and staying away from those that keep your system inflamed. I’m sure you know to avoid the sugars, grains, etc. that can cause serious problems for you. I’m so glad you get the connection between all five steps here! They’re ALL important!

  3. This is some research for my boyfriend. He had chronic fatigue but has overcome this. He has anxiety and very quick mood swings. He doesn’t feel any happy emotions or the feeling of success when he does something he usually would have enjoyed. He keeps speaking of finding a boot camp that covers his fitness as well as his mental incapabilities. He keeps saying the army but I don’t want to loose him. Do you know of any health retreats that could help? Anywhere in the world?


    1. Jacqueline — that’s a great question, and I’ve definitely not heard of that type of “bootcamp.” I do know of many people who can help your boyfriend to feel better than he does currently, and feel free to email me from my website (www.RebuildingWellness.com). Thanks!

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