February 22


Food For Thought or Rot?

By Sue Ingebretson

February 22, 2011

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If you know me at all, you know I don’t care for the word “diet.” I’d much rather speak of what and how we eat as nutrition. I love the concept and principles behind food and how it provides the nourishment and nutrients we need to build, grow, heal, and energize our bodies.

Sometimes, though, things go awry. In fact, things can even go a little crazy. Food labels often look more like a chapter in a sci-fi novel than a true list of recognizable ingredients. Does anyone really need carboxymethyl cellulose or butylated hydroxytoluene? Nope.

Because I’m a food detective, I answered a media request last March (2010) from a magazine editor looking for sources on food additives. She was looking for people who have had negative reactions to food additives. That, technically, would be everyone, but since I happened to answer the request, the editor emailed back and forth with me a bit. I didn’t hear back for many months, and assumed the article was a no-go. Then, surprisingly, I heard from her again in the late fall and the project was on. Several phone calls and a photoshoot later, the article was approved.

My First for Women magazine issue came out this past weekend. You can head over to your local grocery store, pharmacy, Target or Walmart and pick up your own copy. Look for the March issue (the cover is green featuring Dr. Oz) and you can see me inside talking about the damaging effects of MSG (keep in mind that Aspartame has the same results — it too is an excitotoxin).

As I mentioned in the beginning, food can be good and bad, but isn’t it always a better idea — a stronger idea — to focus on the good?

I love it when things work together for good. Seeing order come from chaos is a truly wonderful thing. For me, it was chaos to arrange and take part in a photo shoot. It was not my idea of fun and definitely thrust me outside my comfort zone. The only fun part was getting my hair and makeup done (who wouldn’t like that?) and getting to know the talented artist, Sharon, was a real treat (www.SharonTabb.com).

I had occasion to again use Sharon’s services yesterday for a day of filming and photography. It was a wild, chaotic day of revising scripts, getting cameras/equipment to work properly, and dealing with extraneous things like wind and weather. It was a gathering of like minds and we discussed foods, supplements, treatments, and new healing protocols all day long. The best part? Culminating the hectic day with a sumptuous meal surrounded by wonderful friends. We experienced nourishment that far-exceeded the actual nutrients on our plates.

So, there you have it. Foods can hurt or heal / build up or destroy. They can nourish, enlighten, and fill us with needed energy. Food has the power to provide us everything we need to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

Like everything in life, it’s up to us to choose. What’s on your plate today?

  1. Thanks so much, Felicia! I just did a TV appearance yesterday, and it was out of state. Sure wish I had a hair/makeup person for that!

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