November 5


Get Back into Whack – Amazon

By Sue Ingebretson

November 5, 2019

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You know it when you feel out of whack. But do you wish you could get back into whack? Do ever plan to do something, but just can’t muster the get-up and go to git ‘er done? Have you ever wondered why you want to do one thing, yet do something else? Is your fibromyalgia body prepped for healing?

You can STOP wondering and make it happen, NOW!

How I Got Back into Whack

I received my fibromyalgia diagnosis nearly 20 years ago. That, and a smattering of other diagnoses that were bestowed by some doctors, but not others.

There wasn’t an inch of me that didn’t feel intense and relentless pain, overwhelming fatigue, life-altering dizziness, and infuriating fog.

I was a (sometimes) upright zombie.

The only thing I knew is that I’d collected a whole bunch of symptoms. And, I wanted my growing collection to STOP.

It took me a few years of research, and then a year or so of application, but I was able to turn my health – and life – around. And, I’ve been writing and sharing about it ever since.

I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. 

I’m grateful to share my story of recovery in my books, blogs, interviews, articles, and more. A handful of my old symptoms still stick like glue (i.e., my tendency toward muscle spasms so I can’t wear cute shoes, slow post-exertion recovery, an exaggerated startle reflex) but the rest melted away as I reinforced my healthy habits.

I live daily with little to no pain, enough energy to get what I need to do done, and I generally sleep well.

Would you like to create healthier habits of your own?

Habits that foster less pain, more energy, and better sleep?

It all begins with taming your over-active BRAIN.

Reboot Your BRAIN Back into Whack –

I’m willing to bet you’ve been told at least one of these things:

  • Your brain is misfiring all the time
  • Your brain is unreliable
  • Your brain is damaged and un-fixable

I know I’ve heard them before.

The GREAT news is that all of these statements are inaccurate in multiple ways.

As command central for your body,

your brain just needs a little TLC.

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Get Back into Whack Today

Today marks the official pre-release of my newest book, Get Back into Whack. (This post uses Amazon affiliate links).

Included in this book are vital and much-needed truths about both brain and body healing.

You’ll discover:

WHY your oh-so cover brain steers toward negativity and “stuck-ness”

WHY your actions fluctuate between HOORAY and NO WAY

WHY your past efforts (including willpower) haven’t worked – and what will

The digital version of Get Back into Whack is available for pre-sale NOW.

The official launch date (when the print version will also be available) is:


Keep in mind that my book is available at an extremely low price for a very limited time. You may purchase the digital version as a pre-sale item for only .99 and on the 12th, the print version will be on sale at nearly 50% off the regular price.

Act quickly!

The idea behind a pre-sale and launch period is to not only generate conversations about something new but to also help you save money.

So, sure to share this with others. Can you think of anyone who’d like to improve their physical health as well as their ability to adopt new habits and make ‘em stick? Sharing is caring!



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